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About Alpine

Since 1955, Alpine Renault France has been the sports subsidiary responsible for developing the French car manufacturer’s Formula 1 engines. Dedicated to its 300+ passionate employees, who are the driving force behind its innovative engineering and successes, Alpine has continuously strived to elevate the employee experience to new heights. This commitment mirrors the precision and dedication required in Formula 1. For this reason, they sought out a unified HR tool that simplifies daily tasks, enhances autonomy, and improves employee engagement by streamlining processes and increasing system connectivity.

Renault Group
300+ employees
25 sites in France
87 sites worldwide
Alpine Before After PeopleSpheres

Needs and Evaluation of Alpine

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  • Eliminate data re-entries into each tool
  • Avoid missing or inaccurate data caused by manual data entries on Excel spreadsheets
  • Simplify employees’ daily lives and create autonomy for certain HR tasks
  • Respond to the lack of streamlined processed due to the lack of connectivity across different systems
  • Improve employee engagement with a simple and easy to use tool
Image Vitamine T Peoplespheres


  • Connect their tools to a unified solution to streamline data and HR processes
  • Implement predefined processes and connections between different tools
  • Put in place a solution adapted to an international environment 
  • Create a customized HR platform with a 100% open architecture that allows them to work with the best tools on the market
  • Fast development of connectors to add their own tools to their new, unified HR platform
  • Implement a smoother employee experience 

“The idea is not to digitalize for digtalization’s sake but to respond to the true problems employees face.”

Emmanuel FROSSARD  Emmanuel Frossard, HR Development Manager

PeopleSpheres has enabled Alpine to dramatically improve the employee experience.

Image Alpine PeopleSpheres

Actionable and Measurable Results

⚡  Orchestrated their HR digitalization strategy, carefully tailoring it to align with the international scope of their organization.

⚡ Obtained real-time visibility of HR data thanks to the connectivity between all their HR systems and tools

⚡  Improved the reliability of HR data and save time by avoiding errors caused by multiple, manual data entries into Excel spreadsheets

⚡  Boosted performance thanks to the use of “best-of-breed” systems available on the market

⚡ Improved employee experience and engagement by offering employees higher level of autonomy

Alpine x PeopleSpheres
Emmanuel Frossard HR Development Manager

This more agile and, moreover, global solution allows us to adapt and manage our HR digitalization strategy in our own way.

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