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About Stemilt

Founded in 1964, Stemilt is a leading company in the fruit industry. With a diverse range of over 20 varieties of sustainably grown fruit, Stemilt is renowned for its exceptional quality. The company aims to improve the employee experience in all areas. Stemilt embodies excellence and is committed to offering tasty, nutritious fruit, while preserving the environment.

The world's largest shipper of cherries for the fresh market
Customer since 2022
Between 2000 and 5000 users
English and Spanish-speaking

After many years of managing a large volume of documents manually, an international seasonal company found itself in need of an HR solution. This solution had to be digitized to optimize its onboarding process, enabling it to grow from 2,000 to 5,000 employees over a period of a week and a half. This company also expressed a strong need for adaptability: whether in the office or in the field, their employees must have access to their HR software. In order to better respond to the needs of employees across multiple geographical zones and on varied terrains, the HR department set out to find a digitalized, efficient and personalized solution.


Stemilt HR tech stack

Stemilt's needs


The main challenge was to find a solution that would be fast and flexible enough to manage the onboarding process efficiently, while meeting the specific requirements of the various sites.

  • Offer a simplified, fluid employee experience.
  • Retain and integrate their HR business software.
  • Make the digitization of applications faster and easier.
  • Digitize the entire company: in the office, in the field and on the production line.
  • Enable fluidity of language versions in all HR processes.
  • Increase productivity by enabling employees to be on the job more quickly after hiring.
  • Digitize the accident reporting process to facilitate rapid handling.


  • Creation of the platform by integrating existing systems adapted to the specific needs of the different professions and fields.
  • Automation of form filling on hiring and elimination of repetitive tasks linked to re-hiring.
  • Automated translation of business forms into several languages within the platform, on all sites.
  • Digitization of forms and automation of form completion for fast, efficient security management.
  • Elimination of manual data entry, thus reducing errors.
  • Implementation of a chatbot to enable employees to quickly obtain clear answers to their HR questions.

“We integrated PeopleSpheres to bring digitalization into the organization and make everything faster, simpler and quick. PeopleSpheres has given us the ability to be mobile and effective.”

Watch the video to see how PeopleSpheres rose to the challenge, delivering a smooth, streamlined employee experience across the field for Stemilt.

Our results

⚡ Reduced orientation costs: by reducing the time spent on each onboarding as well as the number of people allocated to this task, the company was able to save $150,000.

⚡ Increased productivity: thanks to faster onboarding as well as the release of repetitive tasks by the Human Resources department.

⚡ Optimized employee experience: by making HR data and forms accessible to every employee regardless of location.

⚡ Time savings: by automating and digitizing the onboarding process, this has been reduced by 1.5 hours per employee.


Vivian Page Vice President, Human Resources

“Digitalization everywhere in order to be connected to the organization : corporate, production facility and of course the fields”


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