CCCP13 x PeopleSpheres

Building a modular system for specific needs

About CCCP13

CCCP13 is an association governed by the 1901 law. It manages the paid leave of professional dockworkers as well as the payment of their benefits and social advantages. With a constant evolution of their missions and a complex environment, CCCP13 is a 23-entity company, with 1500 active employees and 3100 inactive staff.

1500 active staff
3100 inactive staff
23 entities
CCCP13 tech stack

Needs and Evaluation of CCCP13



The main difficulty was to find a solution that was customizable and flexible enough to manage a complex HR process with many entities, many users and specific constraints.

  • Unify HR practices across 23 entities
  • Centralize data in a single repository
  • Automate multiple contracts
  • Employee management across different entities in the port industry
  • Managing multiple vendor contracts
  • Put users at the center of the solution and allow them to create workflows, reporting, etc.
  • Faster implementation of new solutions


  • Created a unified HR platform by connecting all existing systems which were already adapted to the specificities of the organization
  • Put in place multi-contract management

“With an objective and a guideline to centralize data in a single repository.”

In this video, discover how CCCP13 overcame the challenge of centralizing and standardizing data with PeopleSpheres.

Actionable and Measurable Results

⚡ Optimized the employee experience thanks to autonomy and ease of access to data

⚡ Time saving and reliability by automating and digitalizing data

⚡An increase in productivity thanks to form creation

⚡ A modularity of HR processes thanks to a unified ecosystem


CCCP13 port
nicolas belinguier CCP13 IT
Nicolas Belinguier IT Director

“We went from an internally developed monolithic system to building a new modular system with interconnected solutions that we can connect and disconnect at will, which allows us to have great autonomy and independence”

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