How do I upgrade my ageing HR systems without the hassle?

Avoid a costly and time consuming rip-and-replace project


Here are your options for upgrading your legacy system: How do they compare?

All-in-One HRIS


  • Centralized interface for all HR functions
  • Single source of truth for reporting purposes
  • Standard configuration for each module


  • Does not adapt to complex business requirements
  • High implementation and subscription costs
  • Time-consuming integration
  • No freedom to choose functionalities; pre-packaged solution
  • Need specialized resources to administer and maintain
  • Business processes must be adapted to conform to system parameters

Multiple Best-of-Breed Systems


  • Minimized disruption to your workforce
  • Adaptable to your complex business requirements


  • Disparate data across systems, causing difficulties in reporting
  • Multiple data entry required, hindering efficiency
  • Multiple log-in credentials, leading to lower user adoption
  • Difficulty standardizing HR procedures and processes across systems
  • Difficult and unsecure information sharing
  • Different interface and UI for each system
  • No single source of truth

PeopleSpheres Platform


  • Adaptable to your complex business requirements
  • Centralized interface for all HR functions
  • Single source of truth for reporting purposes
  • Minimized disruption to your workforce
  • One-time data entry
  • Single-sign-on (SSO) for all connected systems
  • Ability to standardize processes and build workflows across multiple systems
  • Secure data and information sharing across the organization
  • Ability to connect cross-functional systems that are part of the employee experience (finance, CRM, operations, etc.)
  • Consistent employer brand; customizable employee experience


  • Requires deep knowledge of business requirements
  • Not an out-of-the-box, prepackaged solution
  • Every connected system maintains it original look & feel
  • Better suited for complex organizations
  • Not knowing what to do with all the time and money you saved

Why modernize? Here's a cue from the software world...

77 %

of employees are frustrated with legacy HR technology

OnePoll survey commissioned by Paycom, 2022


80 %

of product features are rarely if ever used Feature Adoption Report, 2019

6 years

is the average ownership for an HRMS application

Sapient Insights Group, 2021

Keep what already works and align the experience with your modern HR strategy


Adapt with ease

Legacy systems tend to be too rigid to change and costly to replace. With the PeopleSpheres’ platform, you can effortlessly add new applications as business needs change without replacing the entire software.



Reduce total cost of ownership

What you can configure, you don’t need to pay for. Equipped with PeopleSpheres’ no-code tools, you won’t need to rely on expensive – and often limited – IT and consulting resources.


Close functionality gaps

Integrate complementary best-of-breed applications to your unified platform. Improve employee experiences, data reporting and process automation.


Improve User Adoption

Provide a platform that employees will actually use. With our web and mobile-friendly platform, you can bring your new and improved employee experience to all employees – including remote and field workers.

How does PeopleSpheres modernize outdated systems?

We use a composable approach to modernize your current HR technology. The PeopleSpheres composable application is made up of 3 layers:

  1. Smart-connectors: Connect your legacy system(s) to the platform where they will be accessible to your users in one place. Connect more systems over time as needed.
  2. Unified Data Hub: Gain visibility to consolidated data from all your connected tools including spreadsheets or historical data imports.
  3. Employee Experience: Enable self-service capabilities to any functional area and configure useful features that employees can use on web or mobile.

It’s easy to implement. And even easier to customize.

Do you work in a fast-paced environment?  We are here to cut down on time consuming implementation projects and provide agility.

Our technology enables data mobility so that you don’t have to spend hours on data migration. Instead, you can focus on the strategic work of harmonizing business processes. We’ve also made customization easy so that you can make changes to your processes on the fly.

Will personal data be protected?


Yes. PeopleSpheres follows best practices and regulatory policies to protect our customer’s data. Our solution is recognized for GDPR compliance.

Furthermore, the platform is designed with data privacy best practices in mind with with configurable role-based permissions and data centralization that eliminates the need for insecurely emailed reports containing sensitive data.

Audit trail of all creation, modification or deletion of data directly from the application and an automatic purge system that can be configured according to triggers established by the customer.

PeopleSpheres has appointed a Data Protection Officer to be an advocate for data privacy and security across our organization. They are at your disposal if you should have any questions regarding our data protection practices:

What happens to our legacy system if we deploy PeopleSpheres?


Choosing PeopleSpheres to modernize your legacy system means that you keep it in place and overlay the PeopleSpheres solution on top of it to enhance its functionality. For example, data from your legacy system can now become accessible on a mobile device for the first time or be available to trigger workflows and process automation.

Where is data stored? Is PeopleSpheres secure?


PeopleSpheres customer data is hosted in France. To ensure that our solutions never compromise the integrity of your data or your users, we:

  • Audit our certified data center which holds the following certifications: ISO 50001, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO 14001, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), HDA / HADS, OHSAS 18001
  • Follow a standard Zero Trust strategy
  • Configure our platform using advanced access rights management
  • Deploy idle session management
  • Conduct annual security audits
  • Conduct ode reviews after each system update or new system development
  • Run regular virus scans of all disks, code directories and temporary directories.
  • Conduct reviews of security policies
  • Invest in continuous improvement efforts
  • Apply risk and crisis management action plans and committee meetings

Is PeopleSpheres available in multiple languages?


Yes. PeopleSpheres is currently available in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

With the exception of English and French, other languages are optional at an additional cost. However, all the customized fields and forms you create on the platform will be done by you and thus in the language(s) of your choice at no additional cost.

How long does it take to implement PeopleSpheres?


Eight weeks is the typical timeline to fully implement the PeopleSpheres platform. This can vary slightly depending on the complexity and scope of your project.

Why Customers Love PeopleSpheres

“We don’t have this feeling of a client-vendor relationship actually, we are really partners in the implementation of a solution that will allow us to do better”

Marc Mossenta

Enriched Human Resources Director, Vitamine T

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