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About Vitamine T :

For more than 40 years, the Vitamine T group has been committed to the service of inclusion of men and women in need by supporting those who have been long-unemployed to enable their re-entry into the labor market. Vitamine T has more than 4,500 employees and 28 entities in France spread over 4 areas of activity: healthy & sustainable food, recycling and manufacturing, services and human resources solutions.

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Needs and Evaluation of Vitamine T



  • Reduce the number of times information was re-entered into their information systems
  • Find a mobile solution adapted to employees in the field or without a workstation
  • Reduce the heavy administrative burden caused by the complexity of their ecosystem: more than 40 software, 5 to 6 different payroll systems, 4,500 employees, 28 entities, 15 collective bargaining agreements etc.
  • Simplify the onboarding process for new employees (communication, etc.)
  • Comply with strict industry regulations


  • A centralized database that sits at the core of Vitamine T’s information systems
  • Mobile application that manages the entire employee journey
  • Quick, immediate or delayed connection, depending on the requirements of each tool
  • Data exchange between new modern systems and older information systems
  • Implementation of a scalable core of functionalities: workflows, monitoring rules, customized form-builder, etc.

“If you put it in place with us, you can do it anywhere else.”

Watch the video about how Vitamine T was able to successfully “decode” their organization with PeopleSpheres.

Actionable and Measurable Results

⚡ Freed HR teams from tedious and time-consuming tasks to focus on people

⚡  Can know how many employees are in the organization in 1 click

⚡  Easy access to information through customized dashboards, consolidation of the economic and social database, etc.

⚡ Standardization across Vitamine T which has made it possible to bring uniformity to processes

Vitamine T
fabrice denoual
Fabrice DENOUAL Information Systems Director

PeopleSpheres provides us with solutions that are easy to implement. Whether it’s exchanging data with modern systems through APIs, for example, or using older technologies or information systems, where the connections are more complex or more specialized.

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