How do I connect HR systems from across the globe?

Gain the flexibility to operate independently and the visibility to manage globally

Why Customers Love PeopleSpheres

“This more agile and, moreover, global solution allows us to adapt and manage our HR digitalization strategy in our own way.”

Emmanuel Frossard
HR Development Manager, Alpine

Your options for global HR technology: How do they compare?

Why choose PeopleSpheres over other solutions?

All-in-one HRIS

  • Centralized interface for all HR functions
  • Single source of truth for reporting purposes
  • Standard configuration for each module
  • Risk of non-compliance due to lack of international expertise in all functional areas
  • Lack visibility to global workforce until full integration is complete
  • Does not adapt to complex country-specific requirements
  • Disruptive change when adding new locations
  • High implementation and subscription costs
  • Time-consuming integration
  • No freedom to choose functionalities; pre-packaged solution
  • Business processes must be adapted to conform to system parameters

Multiple Best-of-Breed Systems

  • Minimized disruption to your growing workforce
  • Adaptable to complex country-specific requirements and regulations
  • Inconsistent employee experience/employer brand prevents global harmonization
  • Difficulty standardizing HR procedures and processes across systems
  • Disparate data across systems, causing difficulties in reporting
  • Multiple log-in credentials, leading to lower user adoption
  • Difficult and unsecure information sharing
  • Different interface and UI for each system
  • No single source of truth

PeopleSpheres Platform

  • Adaptable and customized to your complex business and country-specific requirements
  • Maintained international expertise from best-of-breed providers
  • Centralized interface for all HR functions
  • Single system of record for reporting purposes
  • Minimized disruption to your workforce as you expand
  • Quickly integrate a new workforce
  • Ability to standardize processes and build workflows across the organization
  • Secure data and information sharing across the organization
  • Consistent employer brand; customizable employee experience
  • Requires deep knowledge of business requirements
  • Not an out-of-the-box, prepackaged solution
  • Every connected system maintains it original look & feel
  • Better suited for complex organizations
  • Not knowing what to do with all the time and money you saved