HR software that connects your tools and streamlines your administrative processes

Centralize your HR management and refocus on your core business.

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Connect as much HR software as you want

PeopleSpheres connects all of your existing HR software, or those offered in the Store, to create a unified, intelligent and easy-to-use software environment. One password to access all your HR management!

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Simplify staff administration and your HR management

All your HR data is synchronized and interconnected. Get access to cross-measures to better understand your structure and make the best strategic decisions.

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Reduce your heavy processes and innovate

Receive notifications, carry out all actions from your HR software, and automate them with workflows. You can thus reduce the number of clicks and lengthy procedures to focus on your most important tasks.

More than just an HR software, it is an open solution

PeopleSpheres is able to connect any software on the market. The aim is to allow you to select the best solutions on the market that best fit your business’ needs. You will no longer be locked into a single solution, but free to choose the solutions you prefer while accessing them via a single portal and with a single password. Discover the software available in our Store.

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State-of-the-art technology to aggregate your data

PeopleSpheres gives you a powerful analysis tool to control all your HR management. No need to search for information, it comes to you: PeopleSpheres accesses all your HR data, synchronizes it, and compiles it to provide you with a 360° view of your HR management. Discover unexpected connections and trends that will make a difference to your HR management.


HR software that automates your HR management

PeopleSpheres is your action and notification center. Do you have leave to approve? Interview campaigns to launch? You are notified by e-mail, on the mobile application as well as on the platform. Then complete all your HR tasks directly on your HR software with workflows and triggers that you can customize to your needs. PeopleSpheres is an HR software that is very easy and intuitive, and available to everyone since it does not require any technical skills to use.


What they say about us

Céline LETERME HR Manager - 70 employees

“PeopleSpheres is an SaaS tool that is very easy to install. It is a real added value for the company, it saves time for the HR teams, and facilitates exchanges with the Managers thanks to the workflow system.”

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