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The world is becoming mobile-first, and so are the human resource (HR) systems. Today, there are numerous different automated HR systems available as apps, making it easier and faster for managers and employees to access their data. This article will list 5 HR apps every HR manager needs. 

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What are HR Apps?

Human resource management software is integrated into the HR world and HR services are often offered as mobile apps as well. HR apps are a technology that automates HR tasks and processes in order to assist and simplify the HR management of a business. The apps are HR management software products packed down into easy-to-use apps, making them mobile user-friendly.

HR apps as human resource management systems have increased in popularity over the last years as the world is becoming mobile-first. People are starting to pick up their phones rather than open their computers, and this trend is also becoming visible in the HR department.

Benefits of HR Apps

There are numerous benefits of HR apps, the main one being that it enables managers and employees to access their HR database from anywhere. Apps for employee communication does not only make HR tasks faster and easier for employees to complete, but it also accelerates the entire management of a business.

Managers can access HR metrics and HR analytics from anywhere using mobile apps. Users can get reminders straight on their phones, making sure they never miss urgent information. With HR apps, employees can travel more and be less dependent on their computers and a Wi-Fi connection to receive and access important information.


5 HR Apps Every HR Manager Needs

HR technology developers provide businesses with more and more software solutions and apps to choose between. On average, human-resources departments deploy 16.25 human resource solutions. It ranges from workforce planning, disciplinary and grievance, ERP, recruiting, talent management, and many more. 

It can be hard to pick the most valuable apps that will help transform your human resources department into a digital workplace. Below, we narrow it down and list 5 HR apps every HR manager needs. 

Employee Onboarding

HR apps for employee onboarding automate the process of integrating a new employee into the organization, simplifying the HR training process. This includes everything from filling out necessary forms, to employee training and orientation processes. The apps simplify the onboarding process, facilitates training management, and reduce stress for the new-hire.

Through the apps, both managers and employees can track learning and development in the onboarding process with an appropriate appraisal. It is also possible to send necessary documents digitally rather than physically, which eliminates risk. Having an employee onboarding app is necessary for businesses to have a simplified integration of new hires.  

Performance Management

Performance management software simplifies the HR processes such as regular check-ups, coaching, and feedback. A performance management app stores employee records and helps routinely execute HR policies efficiently in a tracking system. On the app, managers and employees can set individual goals that align with the strategic goals of the business, with easily accessible employee performance reviews.

The app also makes it easier to keep track of employee satisfaction, one of the most important metrics to have a healthy and productive workplace. A performance management app nurtures effective performance management, without any inconvenience. 

Payroll Tracking

All HR professionals want to prevent overpaying or underpaying from occurring, which is why intuitive payroll software is crucial for established businesses. Streamlining payroll tracking apps help facilitate payroll management and assists managers in monitoring employees’ total salary supported by data. Using an app as a payroll service also gives employees the opportunity to track their payroll from their phones while being on the move. Payroll processing on an app makes the tracking system doable without any paperwork. 


Streamline and automate timekeeping tasks with a scheduling app. As employee scheduling is used every day within an organization, it is crucial for a business to have an app that automates and simplifies the process. Scheduling assigns and holds employees responsible for specific tasks through timesheets, making it easier for managers to track performance. It also helps employees to structure and plan their work with a timesheet.

Having an employee scheduling app on the mobile phone enables employees to easily access and manage their schedules on a daily basis, improving time and attendance metrics. 

Expense Reporting

Expense reporting helps a business track and manage their expenses, something that managers often rely on their employees to do. For expense management to work efficiently, it is important to have an expense reporting app to assist both managers and employees when they are calculating and logging expenses.

The more accessible expense reporting is, like having it accessible on your phone, the faster the process will be. With an expense reporting app, employees can report the expense immediately when it occurs, and supervisors can approve it faster. The paperless process of using an app also eliminates the risk of papers getting lost or expenses being forgotten. Operating with an expense reporting app is a great HR tool for employee self-service.

The Composable Platform for HR Apps

Imagine having all these different apps on your phone, trying to manage your HR tasks simultaneously. Having disparate human resource information across multiple apps in your HR system causes difficulties, including reporting and interpreting data, unsecured information sharing, and multiple data entry requirements. It can get confusing and time-consuming, really fast.

Now, imagine instead having one app as a software product that centralizes and manages all the apps and creates a unified interface. That is exactly what PeopleSpheres does, the configurable HR solution that allows you to seamlessly compose and personalize your own solution by selecting the best-in-class HR systems in a single place, and of course, PeopleSpheres is offered both as a platform online and as an app.  

PeopleSpheres – The People Platform

PeopleSpheres is a customizable HR platform that gathers all HR solutions in one place. By having a centralized interface for all the best-of-breed human resource systems, hand-picked based on business needs, PeopleSpheres creates a unified and personalized management software environment. It enables users to easily navigate between the different systems, without any complexities.

PeopleSpheres HR dashboard is useful in all industries, whether an organization is expanding internationally, growing by acquisition, or looking to modernize its’ HR management system.

With the PeopleSpheres app, all HR tools can be accessed from anywhere without any difficulties. Having a unified platform on one app for all human resources systems also avoids duplicated data entry or discrepancies between different systems. By using PeopleSpheres as an HR app, you can expect improvements in employee experiences, employee engagement, data reporting, process automation, and many more HR processes. 


The time of paperwork and spreadsheets is slowly disappearing as the world is becoming mobile-first. As business processes are changing, so are the HR software systems. The more HR reporting that is done on an app, the easier and more convenient it gets for supervisors and employees in their daily HR tasks. There are many different HR apps to choose between and it is important for HR managers to pick the right ones. HR apps every HR manager needs include employee onboarding, payroll tracking, expense reporting, payroll tracking, and performance management.

All HR apps can be collectively picked and gathered on a unified platform called PeopleSpheres. Having one-solution HR app that provides a composable platform enables users to navigate effortlessly between different HR systems. One big HR platform accelerates an organization’s HR processes and helps the department run smoother, making it the ultimate software.

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