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Finding a human resource platform that encompasses everything your business needs can seem like a next-to-impossible task. Curating the perfect tech stack is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It is important for your organization to use tools and human resource systems that are specifically tailored to your business needs and employee wants. The beauty of PeopleSpheres is that you can continue to use all of your favorite platforms, on one central system. Say goodbye to the days of having multiple logins and dozens of systems. The PeopleSpheres human resource app was created to solve this exact problem business leaders and people operations professionals face across the industry. 

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The Importance of Finding the Right Tools for Your Human Resource App

Finding the right tools for your apps for employee communication will help you improve speed and functionality while allowing your business to continue achieving results and KPIs without interruption. There are a few different systems needed to accomplish everything human resource professionals require to accomplish employee success. From payroll to annual reviews, benefits, OKR management, and everything in between, using specialized HR software for your business needs shouldn’t be something you need to compromise on. 

Centralization of Tools in One App 

The PeopleSpheres platform is specifically designed to give users the ability to access all of their human resource apps in one tool. Human resource platforms are extremely large investments for any organization, especially if you need multiple systems. However, with such a large tech stack, your employees risk poor user experience and rigid business processes, making utilizing these tools feel unnatural and non-intuitive.

5 Key Tools to Have in Your Human Resource App

PeopleSpheres will allow you to customize your HR strategy by connecting all of your systems into one platform. This way, you can skip out on spending more money on training for new systems and can avoid having to compromise on the functionality of your tools.

Let’s explore the top 5 key tools to have in your human resource app:

Leave and Absence Management 

Managing time and attendance, the availability, and the schedules of your employees is a critical part of employee efficiency, project success, and HR reporting. Allowing everyone to see visibility into PTO schedules can help teams better plan for projects based on individual availability. This HR management system feature will also allow managers to more easily accept and approve vacation time and other PTO requests, while the human resource team can gather statistics and insights on what teams are taking the most time off, and if any particular individuals need to be watched. 

Compensation Management

Compensation is one of the most critical parts of employee satisfaction when it comes to evaluating team happiness. Aside from culture, compensation provides individual employees with financial safety and security, with the knowledge of being confident in their ability to support their families. Finding a human resource app that acts as a compensation management tool can help you automate the payment leveling process and ensure you are keeping up with market standards. With an effective compensation tool integrated with your other human resource apps, you will be able to see how pay correlates to tenure, level, job title, and more. This will help you reduce turnover, as employees can feel confident they are being paid accordingly. 

Training Management 

Learning management systems, or LMS programs as many HR professionals call them, are a critical part of employee growth, competency, and success in the workplace. LMS systems can be implemented for a variety of things, not just basic HR training. They can be used to deploy compliance programs such as sexual harassment and bias training, which are required in many states across the U.S. Integrating this human resource app with your other HR systems will allow you to ensure all employees have access to the learning and development system, while you are able to keep track of their attendance, progress, and view completion rates.

When onboarding new employees, your learning management system will become your best friend. Tasks and employee training can be automated with an LMS system to help businesses cut costs on human resource business partners, as they can deploy training automatically in your HR system every time a new employee joins the team. By implementing this system into your HR portal, you might also notice your onboarding satisfaction rates improve, as the system provides a seamless rollout for new hires. Having employee self-service built into your HR technology can simplify HR services such as career development and makes the HR solution easy to use.

Many companies also provide specific employee training for individuals in specialized departments. For example, all new sales employees might be required to complete specialized training through your LMS human resource app. This way, they will be adequately trained on pricing, sales pitches, CRM best practices, and product features to help them be successful off the bat. 

Performance Management

Continuous feedback and performance management are crucial parts of evaluating employee success, distributing pay raises monitoring manager success, and identifying top talent as well as low performers. Conducting recurring performance reviews allow your employees the chance to give and receive feedback on the impact they are making in the workplace. Your managers will be able to utilize employee performance platforms to strategically provide feedback in a performance review and document opportunities for growth.

When it comes to integrating your performance management system with PeopleSpeheres human resource app, you will only need to prioritize one HR dashboard to deploy an appraisal to all individuals you employ. This is a huge time-saver, which also helps users take advantage of standardized interactive features through a dedicated smart connector that automatically updates employee records. Your human resource app workflows can also be used to your advantage, to properly assign specific feedback modules to managers of all levels based on the reporting structure in your org chart. 

Talent Management 

Talent management solutions are another key aspect of your HR workflow and one that is often overlooked by many organizations. Recruiting and attracting new talent can be one of the biggest costs HR teams take on as part of their growth plans. Oftentimes, organizations overspend on talent management, recruiting candidates who lack the necessary experience. In order to improve your overall employee experience, investing in a talent management system or applicant tracking system is a must for your HR department. This way, when all of your systems are integrated, your talent management tools will prompt your onboarding software to launch the necessary paperwork once a hire is made. All of their information will be transferred over too. The talent management tool makes for a smooth and easy hiring process for the HR manager as well as across all HR functions and HR processes.


PeopleSpheres is an HR management software that is developed to centralize all HR solutions on one platform. PeopleSpheres human resource app is a centralized and customizable HR platform that helps HR personnel and business leaders across the industry with their daily human resource management and HR tasks. Finding the right HR tools for your human resource app is necessary for your human resource management system to run efficiently. The 5 key tools identified in this article are leave and absence management, compensation management, training management, and performance management.

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