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HR self-service portal

Adding an HR self-service portal to your business is a way to seamlessly provide HR services and conduct activities through a management system that lets you run on autopilot. It’s a strategic, time-saving, cost-reducer that efficiently lets HR professionals focus on other duties while employees get HR support through self-service availability. 

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What is an HR Self-Service Portal? 

An HR self-service portal is a web-based tool that awards employees the opportunity to address their HR needs electronically and independently. Acting as a workforce management solution for various tasks, these easy-to-use HR systems are highly functional tools that not only boost overall productivity for a business and its team but expedite important employee information and data all in one place. 

Whether you’re a small business owner or running a corporate enterprise, keep track of the essentials. Consider running things like your leave management system, payroll management system, HR functions systems, and other software systems simultaneously through an HR self-service portal. 

HR Self-Service: The Benefits are Numerous

You might have a goal of creating a more employee-centric system. You could be looking for software solutions that ensure your employees’ requests are met effectively and personal information is always accessible to them. 

It’s possible that you want to optimize the time your HR department takes on numerous tasks that shouldn’t take precedence over others. You may be in need of the most valuable way to take charge of the administrative process without taking away from their everyday workflow. 

An HR self-service portal helps everyone get their job done without nearly as much footwork. Plus, talk about an onboarding dream come true!

Streamline daily work for your HR department

As supervisors, team leaders, and other members of management, you want to generate a smooth-running, simplified way to access, store, and collect employee data through an HR self-service portal that cuts out the paperwork. It doesn’t just alleviate the time consumption of manually inputting and filing information. Going paperless and integrating under one management software is a way to automate all of that information and streamline it. Using an intuitive self-service portal is a savvy technique to implement routine tasks that save you time and money without having to do more work. 

Better work methods are essential to any human-resource department because it’s such a broad process, having many components involved in its management. Keep your organization centralized under one umbrella for unification and overall improvement. With an HR self-service portal, you’re able to avoid mishaps and inconsistencies because it is all streamlined in one direction. 

24/7 access

Everyone’s in search of mobile accommodations where it’s as simple as logging in with a username, attaining what you need, and moving on. Promote engagement from your employees and supervisors by giving them an easy way to get their requests and tasks fulfilled in little steps. 

For employees, an HR self-service portal lets them use this information-system anytime, anywhere, to view and print things like pay stubs, overtime, and tax forms. Employees can take care of their business needs without having it cut into their work time. 

For the HR department, using an HR self-service portal with 24/7 access is becoming more and more common as people are working remotely. No matter where your team is in the world, or what time zone they’re in, everyone can work when it’s best for them on the device of their choice. Labor costs would go down and efficiency would go up. 

More accurate data

No matter the size of your business, collecting and storing your data is crucial to keeping up with a productive and expansive workforce culture. An HR self-service portal isn’t just about fine-tuning administrative tasks, but also a tracking system for some of your company’s most valuable statistics and details. 

Having immediate direction on your employees’ contact-information, work time-tracking, tax filings, pay statements, and other performance information in a self-service portal prevents things from slipping through the cracks. When you keep track of your data accurately through automation, you know your employee records will always be up to date. If you’re calculating budgets, payroll, and spending, this is the HR management tool to enhance your success.

Empower your employees

Empowering your employees is all about building trust, creating an intention for growth and support, and being transparent with your team. An employee management system should establish an environment where routine tasks that involve their professional and personal information can be delegated to them. 

Sometimes, employees may be reluctant to take an initiative to complete a task if they assume they’ve got to jump through hurdles to get there. An HR self-service portal lets them control their time and attendance sheets, be a part of their payroll process through the system, and have customizable tools for their records. 

Plus, with an employee portal, your team can feel at ease knowing they’re securely logging their information without needing to go through someone else to access that personal information. Even providing space for employees to update emergency contact information can improve overall employee engagement because people feel good about what they’re doing. You’re not keeping any secrets and they’re not left out of the loop. 

Focus on more added-value activities

A human resource management software like an HR self-service portal takes away the redundancy of tasks and puts all the value back in. While it’s true that these systems provide faster service and will provide you with cost savings, you also get to ensure staff retention. Your goals should always include a focus on talent management and be sure your employees feel like their job matters. 

But if they’re stuck doing tasks below their skills and abilities that very well could be automated, how will they stay feeling incentivized to work? Self-service portals for HR departments keep staff members focused on the job responsibilities that will expand your organization and upgrade their attributes to help you improve. Tedious obligations can become a thing of the past and they can stay in a growth mindset without being held back. 

Provide your HR Department with a Self-Service Option with the PeopleSphere Platform

Outsource software-as-a-service like the PeopleSpheres platform as the ultimate in customizable HR self-service portal tools with a coherent user experience that runs smoothly. Implement scalable functions for workflow, monitor company policies, and more through a centralized database for quick and immediate connection. 

Common features of any HR self-service portal include the ability to log in with a web browser or mobile device using a username and password. You also have the ability to change your password by clicking ‘forgot your password’. Sometimes accessing your employee self-service portal is made possible through a company intranet or single sign-on (SSO). From there you are able to manage your work-related information like direct deposit, PTO balances, timesheets, paycheck information, and tax withholding documents, as well as access personal information such as name, phone number, email address, social security number, and more. In addition, there is usually a help desk in every HR portal that you can use to contact your human resources representative for assistance if you get stuck.

PeopleSpheres collaborates with its clients to grow through an HR self-service portal that helps them create a 100% employee experience to meet their organization’s needs and goals. Finding the best solutions isn’t the same for every business. That’s why PeopleSpheres is passionate about generating a customizable solution that is tailored to each client. 

You should have a seat at the table, composing solutions your way, as no one knows your business better than yourself. With a team like PeopleSpheres, your innovations get to thrive with expert guidance at your side and a system that guarantees your satisfaction. 

Autonomy, automation, and actionable plans are key with the PeopleSpheres platform. 

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