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best of breed vs all in one vs peoplespheres platform

Nowadays, the choice of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a part of a company’s overall strategy. That’s why it’s difficult but also important to define the best HRIS software for your company. On this market, three types of solutions compete with each other: All-In-One Platforms vs Best-Of-Breed Solutions vs Employee Experience Platform (EXP).

But which solution is the best and the most advantageous in the long term? Should we commit to a set of Best-Of-Breed solutions that offers modules adapted to each need? Or rather choose an All-In-One Platform that covers all of the company’s activities? Or combine these two solutions and choose an Employee Experience Platform?

An Experience Employee Platform (EXP) is a tool that allows employees to easily navigate between the different HR software. It’s a single and easy-to-use platform that connects all your existing HR software together, allowing every employee to quickly access all HR tools in a company.

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Comparison Best-Of-Breed vs All-In-One vs Employee Experience Platform

Features All-In-One Platform Best-Of-Breed Solutions Employee Experience Platform
Unified interface
Relationship with a single supplier
Single data entry
Unified employee profile
Synchronisation between apps
Tools adapted to the specificities of all business sectors
Optimal solution with complete and customizable modules
Optimized user experience
Support team available
Adaptability to local requirements

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PeopleSpheres features

Employee Experience Platform: the Optimal Solution

An Employee Experience Platform combines the best of All-in-One platforms and Best-of-Breed solutions to create a unified and personalized software environment according to your company’s human resources management needs.


Unified interface:

Employee Experience Platform allows to manage all the HR requirements of a company from a single platform. EXP offers users the opportunity to access various tools through a single sign-on system. All HR data is centralized and automatically available on a single HR portal. The user can access all the tools available through an SSO (Single Sign-On). The user uses a single interface; which facilitates its use.


Relationship with a single supplier:

Generally, when a company chooses a set of Best-Of-Breed solutions, it engages with several suppliers. Dealing with multiple suppliers increases the HR workload. However, by using Employee Experience Platform, the company has a single point of contact. The EXP is the link between all other suppliers and the company.



Single data entry : 

All your HR data is synchronized and interconnected. You don’t need to re-enter HR data into multiple tools; everything is synchronized within the employee profile.


Unified employee profile : 

Thanks to an EXP, all the HR data contained in your various HR software (payroll, leave, compensation etc.) is automatically centralized in an employee profile.

connexionSynchronisation between Apps :

An Employee Experience Platform connects all of your existing HR software or any software on the market to build your custom HRIS software. Thus, software of your HRIS are synchronized: data is centralized and unified to allow you to create workflows and reports with the data from all your tools.






Tools adapted to the business specificities of all business sectors:

Unlike an All-In-One Platform which generally covers the needs of a specific sector, Best-Of-Breed solutions and Employee Experience Platform provide high-performance and accessible tools to employees. Each company chooses software that will customize their HRIS according to the specific needs of the organization. Thanks to cutting-edge HR technology, you have access to powerful tools allowing you to effectively manage all HR functions.



An optimal solution with complete and customizable software:

The Employee Experience Platform is adapted to each company’s HR problems. Each organization opts for customizable modules; which allows in-depth coverage of all the specific problems that a company faces. The selected tools clearly answer the needs of companies, and not a general trend. You can build your own solution with all the HR software available on the market and you can connect as many HR software as you want. All-In-One Platforms and Best-of-Breed solutions generally offer much less expert and powerful software than Employee Experience Platform.


Optimized user experience:

All-In-One Platforms can contain many unused features. Some companies can purchase this complete solution and ultimately use only one or two parts of the platform. However, the Employee Experience Platform, which is considered a cutting-edge solution, offers unique features to users and optimal usability. In addition, an EXP allows you to centralize all HR data into a single employee profile, which significantly improves the user experience and HR work.




Support team available:

An Employee Experience Platform provides personalized assistance to its customers by experts specializing in HRIS. A support team is constantly available for clients in order to support them during the implementation and maintenance of the solution. As a result, the implementation of an EXP within a company is facilitated by the support of subject-matter experts.




Thanks to an EXP, the company has the flexibility to conduct trial and error: they can change any software in the unified HRIS at any time without having to change the entire solution. Unlike an All-in-One platform which doesn’t allow connection of a third-party solution that competes of one of their own modules, an EXP is agnostic and doesn’t encounter any conflict with vendors. The customer can easily connect a third-party tool as their needs evolve.




Adaptability to Local Requirements :

With an Employee Experience Platform, you don’t need to make updates because each vendor is independent and specializes in one area: the EXP dedicates all their resources to improve its product.


Ultimately, when you opt for an All-in-one platform or a Best-of-Breed solutions, you can’t exhaustively satisfy all of your needs.

Let’s make an analogy with the purchase of a bike: 

1) You have the possibility to buy a bicycle in a hypermarket (for example Walmart) at the same time as your usual grocery shopping and other products (for example, vegetables and hammer).

2) Or you can go directly buy the bike in a shop where they specialize in selling bikes.

In both cases, the primary need (the purchase of a bicycle) is satisfied. However, the main difference between these 2 situations is that in one you will surely not have access to the product that exactly corresponds to your needs (All-in-One) but you have the possibility to buy other products which you need (vegetables and hammer), while in the other situation, thanks to the expertise of the sellers and the wide choice of models available, you have the possibility to find the product that best meets your needs (Best-of -breed). However, in this case, you can only cover one need: buy a bicycle.

Thanks to an Employee Experience Platform, you can have the best of both worlds (All-in-one and Best-of-breed) in one place and with a wide choice of solutions to meet your unique needs.


Why the PeopleSpheres Best-Of-Breed Solutions is Better Than  Competitors’ All-In-One Platforms and Best-of-Breed Solutions

If I update information in one app, will that change be reflected in the other app?

All-In-One Platform: Not always, data is not updated automatically and synchronized between each module; sometimes the data must be integrated into each of the modules used.

PeopleSpheres Employee Experience Platform: Yes, PeopleSpheres allows data integration in HR software, to communicate with each other. Each action completed in one module applies to all other modules; the data is updated instantly and everything is synchronized.

Can you fully sync the data between two software?

All-In-One Platform / Best-of-breed solutions: : No, vendors don’t offer the opportunity to synchronize data between several applications.

PeopleSpheres Employee Experience Platform : Yes, the PeopleSpheres solution connects all HR software. All HR data is synchronized and interconnected. You have the possibility to cross-reference all of your HR data through an EXP.

Can you remove a feature that you are not using?

All-In-One Platform: No, an All-In-One Platform is a solution that covers a set of needs. Therefore, even if you don’t use some features, you can’t remove them.

PeopleSpheres Employee Experience Platform : Yes, if you are no longer using a feature, you have the possibility to remove it. PeopleSpheres offers you the opportunity of designing a 100% customizable HRIS; you can therefore remove or add software as your needs change.

Do you have the opportunity to change suppliers for a specific software?

All-In-One Platform: No, when you choose an All-In-One Platform, you have to deal with only one software vendor. Therefore, you can’t separate the available features and change one feature without changing the others, you must change suppliers for the entire solution.

PeopleSpheres Employee Experience Platform: Yes, PeopleSpheres’ solution is adapted to your needs and every single company’s needs. PeopleSpheres offers the flexibility to choose the software that is most suitable to your HR needs and change it whenever you want. PeopleSpheres provides all the best HR software available on its marketplace. PeopleSpheres is a 100% open platform: each business has the opportunity to connect any software among the 6000 HR software available on the market (and much more: CRM, ERP, etc.).

What Does the PeopleSpheres Solution Offer?

PeopleSpheres is an Employee Experience Platform which unites all of your software within a single portal. Our solution offers you the opportunity to create a fully customized HRIS according to your needs and the size of your business. You can connect as many HR software and tools as you need. PeopleSpheres allows you to choose between software that are adapted for your human resource management and needs.

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PeopleSpheres features