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peoplespheres is 2022 addition to Fosway 9-grid for Cloud HR

We are happy to share that PeopleSpheres, a forerunner of composable HR solutions, has been added to the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Cloud HR as a Potential Challenger. Potential Challengers are typically forerunners in the market which are differentiated by an innovative solution.

PeopleSpheres was created in 2015 by Philippe Bloquet and has grown today to serve more than 350 customers globally whose advocacy has played a significant role in this recognition. This includes customers such as Vitamine T, Provalliance Group as well as Alpine Renault.

“We are very proud to be added to the Fosway 9-Grid this year as a Potential Challenger. Out of tens of thousands of vendors on the market, PeopleSpheres is named among just 30 to 40 other next-gen HR solutions. It’s also great to see French HR vendors becoming more relevant. We can’t wait to continue our trajectory of becoming a big player in the Cloud HR space through our customer impact and advocacy.”

Bloquet, CEO & Founder of PeopleSpheres

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About the Fosway 9-Grid™

Fosway – the #1 HR analyst in Europe – publishes their annual 9-Grid™ after conducting extensive research through their research network members, advisory insights, and a formal customer reference process. What makes this analysis exemplary is the fact that it is not vendor-led, but rather primarily driven by client and analyst insights.

According to Fosway, PeopleSpheres being a Potential Challenger means that it is a solution with capability across a wide functional range based on five criteria: performance, potential, market presence, total cost of ownership (TCO), and future trajectories.

  • Performance is a measure of how fast the company is growing in the market and how quickly customers are extracting value from the solution

  • Potential refers to the solution’s scope and capability and ability to deal with sophisticated needs in a complex organization.

  • Market Presence takes into account the size of the customer base within the market as well as the overall size of the company

  • Total Cost of Ownership are all the internal and external lifecycle costs of acquiring, implementing and operating the solution over a 3-year period.

  • Future Trajectory is the direction which Fosway has identified for the future performance and potential in the market

The purpose of this model is to allow corporate businesses to compare solutions and identify ways to get the best out of vendors in the industry.

You can access the full Fosway Report here:

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Implications for the Future of HR

There is a lot of talk of uncertainty and crisis in the business world related to a war for talent and cost of living spikes. Unfortunately, the way many HR systems are structured today, does not allow HR leaders to quickly pivot and adapt to changes in the real world. At the same time, employee experience is becoming a priority that cannot be ignored neither by HR vendors nor corporate leaders.

Since the 2010’s, all-in-One HCM Suites promised us better employee experiences and easier HR management. However, we are left with systems that are: rigid and difficult to change as new trends emerge, costly to implement and upgrade as companies grow organically and through acquisitions, and incapable of delivering personalized employee experiences.

That’s why the future of cloud HR suites is composable HR applications, an innovative model that provides:

  • Ability to quickly adapt to future of work trends

  • Scalability as your company grows and business needs change

  • Ongoing improvements and customization for key moments in the employee experience

  • Low total cost of ownership because high configurability reduces the cost of operation

On the 9-Grid™ this is reflected by the presence of Specialists in conjunction with the suites. For HR leaders, this means that due diligence must be done in the selection process to evaluate how well systems can be integrated and finding an ecosystem that works well together.

What Sets PeopleSpheres Apart?

To adapt to constant and unpredictable change, HR leaders are putting agility at the forefront of their HR strategies. Being agile across the entire employee lifecycle becomes a challenge as the need to innovate on several fronts at the same time becomes necessary. That is why ‘ecosystem-ness’ is becoming an essential buying criterion according to Fosway.

PeopleSpheres’ ‘ecosystem-ness’ supports a best-of-breed HR strategy by allowing organizations to compose their own solution by selecting and integrating their most trusted HR systems to the PeopleSpheres platform.

This gives companies the freedom to keep existing systems that are already working or add any other solutions they wish. And when their business needs change, switching out or adding new HR tech to their ecosystem is quick and easy.

Also, this composable approach to HR systems allows business leaders to leverage the innovation in all areas of HR instead of relying on any one single HR vendor to innovate on all fronts – which we all know is a near impossible feat.

Your Next Unified and Flexible HR Ecosystem

Could your HR team use help becoming more agile? A unified and flexible HR ecosystem could be the first step to adopting more agile practices.

Whether your company’s needs are changing because of outdated HR systems, global expansion, or acquisition of a new company, having an HR platform that is able to keep up could be the driver of business success.

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