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Vitamine T is a major player in employment and inclusion in France. For more than 40 years, the Vitamine T group has been committed to the service of inclusion of men and women who have been struggling with employment. The group enables them to re-enter the labor market through various employment programs.  

Vitamine T has more than 4,500 employees across 28 entities located in France and spread over 4 sectors: recycling and manufacturing, healthy & sustainable food, services, and human resources solutions. To date, the Vitamine T Group has helped more than 100,000 men and women find employment and overcome difficulties in finding work through training, workforce integration support, and coaching services. 

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A Human-First Approach to HR Tech

Because Vitamine T works in highly regulated industries, there is a lot of administrative work that goes into providing their service to workers. In order to fully dedicate themselves to their social and economic pursuit, Vitamine T decided to put in place an HR system to relieve their teams of tedious and repetitive tasks. With administrative redundancies eliminated, teams could spend more time supporting employees who are in the process of re-entering the workforce.  

One of the inefficiencies that Vitamine T was looking to resolve in the scope of their project was data management across the 40 different systems that were being used across their 28 entities. This included 6 different payroll systems and a mixture of best-of-breed HR systems and other legacy systems that needed to be modernized.  

The HR team relied on manual data re-entry or having to ask employees to provide information in multiple systems. Not only was this consuming a lot of unnecessary time, but it was also creating a poor employee experience. Not to mention, HR data was rendered unreliable or altogether inaccessible. This made certain kinds of reporting a nightmare to retrieve and deliver.  

To resolve this inefficiency, the HR and IT departments teamed up to find a solution that is easy to put in place and that can simplify their overly complex HR ecosystem.

PeopleSpheres Acts as a Swiss Army Knife 

After evaluating various HRIS options in the market, Vitamine T opted for a solution that allowed them to offer the best possible service to their people and at the same time reduce the number of times data is collected from them. In other words, the systems that were already worked well in each of their 28 entities would stay in place and be integrated to a central HR platform. With PeopleSpheres, Vitamine T was able to implement this solution quickly.  

Their testimony :

We’ve been working very closely in a very constructive manner with PeopleSpheres on the implementation of what we consider here the core of our administrative human enrichment activities.

Marc Mossenta, Director of Enriched Human Resources at Vitamine T Group

This was done by putting in place connections through pre-established connectors and APIs.  

Just like a swiss army knife, PeopleSpheres allowed Vitamine T to establish a single tool in their organization that granted them the freedom to use the right tool in the right place at the right time. For example, the group was able to use

both super structured solutions for very large entities and… simplistic ones for the smaller entities,

Fabrice Denoual, Information Systems Director at Vitamine T Group

At this point, connectivity had officially become an integral part of their agile digital strategy.  

As a result, the 40 disparate systems became accessible via one central interface and data across all entities was consolidated into a single database. This opened the opportunity for Vitamine T to utilize PeopleSpheres’ built-in workflows and custom form-builder to bring uniformity and standard processes to such a complex and diverse organization. Additionally, reporting became much easier as data was made available in one, secure place.

Watch the video about how Vitamine T was able to successfully “decode” their organization with PeopleSpheres:

Unlocking Continuous Time and Cost Savings  

Vitamine T was able to avoid an extensive and expensive HRIS implementation by keeping their existing systems and modernizing them with the PeopleSpheres platform. Besides this initial cost and time savings, they now had the key to continuous savings and ROI from their HR ecosystem.  

Standard processes and centralized data have had a significant impact on Vitamine T’s operational and HR productivity. Vitamine T is able to save $200,000/year and 4 FTEs worth of HR workload. Time and cost savings are based on 3 key elements:

  1. Eliminating multiple data re-entry
  2. Easy access to data
  3. Employee autonomy

One-Time Data Entry 

With connectivity established across the entire ecosystem, collecting employee data one time is enough. In addition, submitting data can trigger workflows within the PeopleSpheres platform such as generating their employee contract, creating a payroll profile, etc. This type of automation creates an efficient and standard way of working, cutting down the administrative workload. 

Accessible Employee Data 

Easy access to data was a major win for Vitamine T. By centralizing their HR ecosystem, Vitamine T gained the ability to examine the entire employee journey at the company. For example, they are able to quickly get an employee headcount for the group which was previously a very difficult to do. Leveraging dashboards on the platform, which bring in data from several sources, also gave teams access to economic and social data.    

Access to data means faster decision making, less time spent searching for information, and emailing and requesting reports. 

Employee Autonomy  

From an employee experience perspective, Vitamine T was able to reach their objective of “making work easier for an employee who needs to communicate to us about elements related to their profile.” For example, the company used the PeopleSpheres mobile app to bring processes such as employee onboarding right to the employee’s device. Employees can also access their job information and autonomously make changes.  

Not only is empowering employees a way to relieve administrators from having to do all the work, it also saves time so HR teams can focus on supporting their people in more meaningful ways.  

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