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In a digital era dominated by emerging technologies, digital leadership is the transformation strategy all business models should include. Digitalization takes your management system from a stagnant administrative HR department to an asset that adds value to your organization. Business leaders that embrace digitization and lead as digital leaders bridge the gap between what goals are and the digital tools needed to get there. To adapt and move into the digital future and advance your business’s leadership style, a digital roadmap is necessary for growth. 

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What is Digital Leadership? 

Digital leadership focuses on how your enterprise strategically uses digital technologies to assist in the advancement of your HR goals and business strategy in your digital business. HR management is multifaceted. Your digital capabilities will determine the functionality of your entire HR department. Whether by digitalizing payroll and compensation or feeling a need to transform your recruitment process or overall workforce planning, digital leadership in HR will help you develop information systems for transforming your HR functions, and influencing your leadership and management. According to a 2021 ISG survey,

The highest priorities for HR IT spending in the next 2 years are experience suite, HCM(SaaS) solution with 29% making it their first or second priority and analytics/reporting with 28%.

ISG survey

Companies are realizing the advantage of the allocation of monetary assets into IT in the HR department as many tasks can be better executed with the help of IT.

It’s not just a business transformation opportunity but a people transformation opportunity, too. Implement digital leadership to foster a learning culture in a digital workplace where leadership programs are valued. Being digital will enhance your company’s vision through interpersonal and agile communications.

HR Digital Transformation

We are living in a technological age where most HR departments are going through a digital transformation. Embracing digital transformation allows you to build your business to scale, lowers your team’s cost, improves your data collection, supports data-driven decision-making, and streamlines your task management as it automates manual tasks. In a survey done by IBM in 2022, they stated that:

80% are very or somewhat interested in the integration of apps or data, 78% with network performance management, 76% business process management and 73% in AI for IT operations. 

IBM survey

Besides embracing a new digital leadership style as a step in a strategic change toward digital transformation, are you wondering how to achieve HR transformation? Then read our article on how to successfully achieve HR transformation.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is a technological transformation in action, bringing together your department and its functionality through a collaborative effort while leveraging technology you can bring into the future. A good digital strategy is fundamental when a company wants to develop and evolve at a faster pace as the management of HR becomes more streamlined. A digital strategy supports strategic management in a digital economy. 

Artificial Intelligence in HR

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other digital innovations will shift the trajectory of how your team works, the way you recruit and hire for leadership roles, and the structure of the entire operations, which will accelerate your digital leadership in HR. 

Artificial intelligence can be considered human intelligence that is put into a computer but works faster than any human could ever do. Artificial intelligence supports digital operations and can be implemented into many HR job functions, such as recruiting, training, communication, and remote work. When it comes to how organizations utilize AI, a study from IBM surveyed professionals and analyzed how professionals use AI in their business processes.

33% utilize AI for automation for IT processes, 28% automation of business processes, and 26% business analytics or intelligence.

IBM study

The study showed how innovative each corporation is and how AI is now something that companies are using in one way or another. 

HR and Innovation

By embracing digital leadership, you are becoming a part of the digital disruption. Traditionally, research and development was often the department that pushed for innovation, but HR plays an important part in innovation too: the managerial innovation. This means that HR and innovation go hand in hand, as the new role of HR, pushing for innovation within the workplace, becomes considerably important for businesses. Today, there are HR solutions that will assist your team with digital innovation. 

Innovation at work is important for multiple reasons, some of them being:

1. Gives you a competitive advantage

2. Allows for a customer-centric business model

3. Improves retention and satisfaction

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Why is Digital Leadership Important to HR? 

Technology transformations help organizations establish a workflow process that’s not just automated but promote better decision-making supported by digital data about how to compete in a growing market and provide a seamless digital journey for your team. Digital leadership ensures you’re prioritizing diversity inclusion and meeting the needs of a global business in the digital world. With remote work gaining popularity and the accessibility to hire people from all over the world, digital leadership and solutions open you up to the masses. 

Automation of manual HR management process

HR Automation is essential for organizational change in your transformation strategy toward digital leadership. Digital adoption is about integrating a cloud-based system with artificial intelligence and other digital software that let you automate primary parts of HR management. For your supervisors to work on their management skills and bring strategic, new ways to elevate your organization, they need access to digital information without having to spend their time manually inputting data. 

Digital automation allows you to reduce the workload of your team, eliminate tedious tasks that slow them down, and operate at a quicker pace. With the impact of digital transformation in the market, it’s crucial to stay on top of your competitors and their digital business models, especially when hiring new talent. 

Automation in digital leadership in human resources can improve things like: 

  • Talent acquisition
  • Data and analytics
  • Performance management 
  • Payroll management
  • Employee record management

And that’s all while knowing you’re ensuring an error-proof, streamlined system where HR automation tools are assisting your HR supervisors in collaborating with staff and other departments most effectively. 

Innovate emerging opportunities for employee development

For your organization to evolve, transformation initiatives that help accelerate your team’s skills and training are made easy through digital leadership strategies. Being an effective leader is about cultivating a team of thinkers, motivating, and mentoring them through leadership training with digital content. 

The goal for digital leadership in HR is to optimize your resources and bring more value to essential task management, but there is also a need to elevate your team’s knowledge and skills. With leadership development programs, you’re keeping your organization employee-focused, knowing that a skilled, dedicated team is the most important part. Leveraging new technologies in HR is not just to transform your business but to be leading educators in a digital age with the vast competition. Your digital enterprise can still be hands-on, facilitating new evolutions through leadership training courses. 

Revolutionize the employee experience 

Digital employee experience management is an important part of digital leadership. Digital leadership is synonymous with strategic leadership in HR, meaning the methodologies you use to influence your team should work to inspire their independence. Digital services provide a user experience with an information system to have control over. Digital solutions let employees manage their time off and personal information updates themselves. 

Establish a transformation framework that gives accountability in the digital employee experience, making use of mobile solutions your team can access any time, any place. Leverage social networks that allow teams to connect easily, either individually or in groups, and use software-as-a-service options as a digital leadership strategy to make the process easier. Plus, it’s guaranteed to improve the way they engage with the organization. 

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Provides a competitive edge in the market

The need for a transformation journey doesn’t quite end. Trends will come and go, and new ways of problem-solving and digital adoption methods will continue to evolve. As an HR manager, it is important to stay on top of digital trends to not miss out on a digital revolution. Some digital workplace trends you need to be aware of are:

1. Increase digital workplace technology adaption and HR software integrations

2. Shift in focus to employee experience

3. Priority on data sharing and data privacy

4. Increase in BYOD: The use of personal devices

5. Collaboration of HR and IT to develop a digital workplace strategy

Digital leadership is about ensuring your digital capabilities are providing you with competitive advancement. Part of your business value is the digital experience you offer, and to maintain digital leadership is to always be paying attention to the future of work. Your technology strategy is an asset to your business and can determine how you stand out in the constantly changing market. 

Driving digital initiatives means you’re being proactive to do what’s best for your organization and its team, continuing to innovate the enablement of everyone’s growth. When doing this, your organization gains visibility in the workforce and makes you an organization people want to work with because they know you’re practicing digital leadership. 

Agile HR

Embracing digital leadership in HR is an important part of achieving agile HR. Agile HR provides value to your business through continuous improvement, effective communication, simplicity, and working software. It means that you can do things faster, better, and cheaper. Embrace digital leadership to push for agile HR and be independent and impactful.

Supports insight into relevant data and analytics

Big data is more valuable than ever before. Using predictive data analytics is the best way to see what your business needs with data science. Digital leadership can help executives address business challenges and seek new leadership styles depending on what the data shows. It could be to increase productivity or to seek more effective ways of approaching your goals. Either way, data management gives you keen insight into your business’s happenings. 

Having a data center gives you a constant infographic of how to improve your HR process, and in digital leadership, this is always a priority. Find out what you can add to your business, the type of leadership and management your team needs, and make more informed decisions about ways to develop amidst an industrial revolution with digitalization at the forefront. 

Saves time, resources, and money 

Cloud computing lowers HR costs in the long run. With augmented systems in place, not only can you deal with market disruption better, but you always have access to assess your progress and make changes before having to implement any damage control. With digital leadership at play, the IT strategy you use is also allowing your team to partake in the highest value of work, leaving repetitive tasks to the digital systems running on autopilot without room for human error. That’s a money saver in and of itself. 

Digital leadership ensures everyone’s working more productively, utilizing fewer resources to get the job done because it’s all streamlined for them through information systems they can use for various tasks. Integrating digital technology can only enhance the possibility of higher profitability in your organization. 

Initiate digitally-enabled solutions to your recruitment and onboarding process

In your transformational HR enterprise, hiring top talent requires a well-functioning digital recruitment strategy. Digital leadership for recruitment and onboarding makes the screening process more specific, implementing skill assessments to see if they have both soft skills and technical ones. You want to hire people that are adaptable to machine learning but who are also great communicators, or who show strategic thinking through their skill testing. Digitalization makes that information easy to analyze in one system. 

Digital opportunities also let you expand your reach, including opening you to global business team members, all while prioritizing their experience. You can solidify your brand identity in a digital world, by building an easy-to-use hiring process. 


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Platforms like PeopleSpheres enable digital leadership by allowing the flexibility for organizations to take advantage of the latest trends and innovations in the HR industry or tech space. Your organization can switch and add tools to the HR platform as needed and are not stuck with only the features you currently have in your existing ecosystem

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Many issues with digital management are rooted in data dispersion. Technology integration is simplified with PeopleSpheres platform to enhance your digital leadership and modernize your old software into an all-in-one consolidated system. You can manage your HR portal, provide a self-service option that have mobile adaptation, and keep a system of records through PeopleSphere’s cross-application features. Digital development has never felt so secure. 

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