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The main component of human resource management is listed directly in the title; embracing HR digital transformation! Human resource management largely requires face-to-face interaction, personal and interpersonal communication, and incredible emotional intelligence. All of these factors cannot be replaced with artificial intelligence (well, not yet anyway!) This is why it is crucial to continue hiring, training, and supporting HR professionals within your business.

As with any human-facing profession, human-resources takes a lot of effort and energy from individual employees. This is why many organizations are turning to a more digitalized automated approach, for tasks that do not have to be done manually. With the recent disruptive advancements in automation and artificial intelligence, the future of work is changing to more technological with a digital strategy as it is now more efficient and cost-effective than ever before for companies to embrace digital transformation.

For employees who are not as tech-savvy as others, embracing digital HR systems and making the switch to a more digital HR approach can feel unnatural. This is why it is so important as an HR professional to reassure your employees that, although you are adding an automated element to your business strategy, their skill set is what is most important. In a digital age, it is important to stress that the human aspect of HR roles is the most valuable to remain a positive corporate-culture. The new digital tools are here to assist, not replace. By introducing more automation into your organization, HR responsibilities are shifting to more strategy focused than task-focused, and you will be giving time back to employees whose talents cannot be replaced by AI.

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Automating Processes Within Your Organization with HR Digital Transformation

In order to save time, energy, resources, and money, learning to automate processes within your organization is crucial. While hiring an employee to do mostly manual work will cost the company in taxes, salary, benefits, coverage, and other perks, HR solutions only requires a software fee. Do you want to transform your business to start prioritizing speed and celebrating the talents of your people? Then investing in HR digital transformation platforms for a digital business model is a must.

When you are able to automate processes within your organization through a digital HR system, your employees will start to notice an HR transformation. Your HR department will have more bandwidth to focus on critical employee relations, problems, and talent management. The HR digital transformation software will handle the more basic business functions of human resources management such as measuring HR metrics. From payroll to time off approval, management software can be integrated into your current practices for virtually every manual task.

Building Your Business to Scale

Besides being more cost-effective, a major reason why organizations choose to take the plunge and integrate HR digital transformation into their HR strategy is to prepare for growth. When building your business to scale, it is important to keep in mind things such as headcount, budget, economic factors, and current team standings. While some HR solutions may provide automated help, for the time being, ask yourself if the same practices will be as useful when your organization grows from 250 to 500 people. It is likely that you will need to rethink your strategic HR with new hires added to the calculation. Building your business to scale before your headcount grows, can help you expand business operations in a more sustainable way.

Automating and integrating your human resource systems with one another is a critical step needed in order to build your organization to scale. If you automate and digitalize processes now, you will not have to transition these HR tasks and implement HR training at a later date when your organization is much larger. As hiring ramps up, you will need processes to be automated in order to stay on top of onboarding, payroll, resource planning, and other manual tasks.

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Embracing HR Digital Transformation

When incorporating any new cloud-based systems or tools into your organization, you can expect to grow in pain. Your employees will likely feel uncomfortable with new software, especially if they are not technologically savvy. Embracing HR digital transformation is all about how you communicate these platforms to your work.

In this article, we will take a peek at the best hacks for embracing HR digital transformation at your company.

Lowering HR Team Costs

First and foremost, embracing HR digital transformation will assist with lowering your HR team costs. At the beginning of each calendar year, the finance team will likely release a budget for each department within the organization. It is up to the VP or department to best allocate this budget in order to meet the company’s needs. To better allocate this spend, HR leaders can incorporate digital solutions to help lower overhead costs.

By presenting automated solutions to the organization, the company will be able to invest more spend in things like hiring and improved employee benefits. As an HR leader, you will be able to enjoy reduced turnover, lower attrition, and higher employee satisfaction rates!

Manual Tasks Being Automated

In the world of HR, there are a lot of manual tasks associated with roles within HR processes. For example, things like task management, tax preparation, payroll, and open enrollment, are all things that can be automated. However, many organizations have individuals dedicated to manually completing these tasks. Instead of hiring people to manually monitor the systems, relying on software allows your firm to relocate resources to focus on HR-strategy and important work aligned with your organizational goals, rather than repetitive HR tasks. The HR technology will help you bring more value to your business and within a short amount of time, you will see a transformational change within your HR department.

🍎 Case Study: The Digital Transformation of HR in Seasonal Businesses

Stemilt’s journey encapsulates the paradigm shift from conventional, labor-intensive HR processes to a modernized, digital approach. This transition is particularly pivotal in industries like agriculture, where employee numbers can surge rapidly within short periods. Stemilt harnessed digital platforms to revolutionize its onboarding process, making it remarkably efficient and flexible.

This case study highlights the tangible benefits of digital HR solutions, including improved productivity, enhanced employee experience, and significant cost savings, thus illustrating the transformative impact of technology in managing a dynamic workforce in seasonal businesses.

Many HR digital transformation tools also come with an implementation specialist to help you set up the HR functions in a way that suits your organization’s needs. As a result, your IT team will also feel relief during the digital transformation process when it comes to providing support for new technologies.

Better Data Collection

HR teams that are built on data collection are often more successful than ones that fully rely on emotional intelligence. Data collection can be a very tedious project. Typically, HR managers will collect data such as quick polls, will check, surveys, or feedback forms.

By assigning the data collection process to an automated system, you are taking the legwork out of this task. This extra lift would typically fall on an HR individual within your organization. There is a variety of survey tools within the HR digital transformation space. So, you can be confident that your business will find a solution that is specifically tailored to your business needs.

Accurate data collection is crucial to making data-driven decisions, especially ones that are people-facing. By introducing automated HR software, you are reducing the risk of human error interfering with your data collection process. As a result, your people will be able to make more informed decisions based on employee feedback. If data is not accurate, your HR-management team runs the risk of being drawn to conclusions that are not accurately representing the wants and needs of the employees at the company.

While big-data collection can be automated with the help of HR digital transformation tools, not everything can be done digitally with automated tools. You will still need real humans to analyze the statistics collected. Reassuring your team that this responsibility will still fall on the HR team will help communicate the true purpose of incorporating automation into your strategy.

It is up to the real humans in your HR team to draw conclusions from the data and introduce solutions to create real impact and change, even after your digital technology transformation within your human resources department. The digital human resource management system is here for employee assistance and to help you perform accurate and effective strategy execution. Human capital cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence!

Improved Speed

Have you ever heard people say “time is money”? The quote couldn’t be more true. When trying to cut costs and improve efficiency within your organization, speed is imperative sense. Physical employees only work up to 40 hours a week, and you may need the help of HR digital transformation tools to help accelerate overall project speed. After transforming your business with digital technologies, you will be able to program these tools to work overtime, so that your HR team doesn’t have to.

By introducing automation into your business, you are also reducing the steps needed to get a new employee up to speed on business-processes. For example, you will not need to run your typical onboarding process for standard software. There is no training needed in order to get the system to start working! With reduced time spent on things like onboarding, training, documentation collection, and other human aspects of joining a new company, people management becomes easier and your organization can get up to speed at a much quicker pace. Automating for speed is an extreme competitive advantage for all organizations.

Streamlined Task Management

HR digital transformation tools can also help your team streamline task management. Many people, operations, and HR teams take an agile scrum approach to project management. By incorporating automated tools into your tech stack, you can program the HR software to talk to one another as a result, you will streamline your task management system.

Taking advantage of the technology available in the digital world to your business can help close tickets, send bug alerts, or collect more information from individuals in order to solve a problem.


We hope this article helped you better understand how HR digital transformation tools can be the biggest asset to your business. With the disrupting digital innovation, we see every day evolving new ways to do business, there is no doubt that we have a digital future ahead of us. This article explains why digital business models have a competitive advantage and why digitalization is crucial for your business to leverage its competencies. From improved speed to overall cost savings, the benefits of HR digital transformation are clear. Managing human capital also becomes easier for human resources, and you can expect an improvement in employee engagement, employee performance, and employee development as digital services will assist your employees to focus on tasks that are aligned with the business goals and brings business value.

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