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artificial intelligence in HR

Technology advances as time progresses, and adapting to new changes is the best. Evolving the employee experience with artificial intelligence in HR is an excellent step for all companies since human-resource is the first step in any business.

Artificial intelligence (AI) HR software makes all HR processes easier. In this article, we focus on recruiting, tracking, and sifting talent, learning management, communication, and the digital workplace.

Having technology for human resources makes the job easier and more efficient for both HR professionals and employees. Artificial intelligence in HR will also help the business cut costs since not as many people have to work, fewer resources are being used, and there will be less time spent on each task. Overall, having a good and updated HR system will increase benefits and minimize the bad practices in the company.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is human intelligence put into a computer that can run faster than an average human could achieve. Over the past decade, technology has skyrocketed and become even more intelligent, while its use has become easier to understand. This has made the use of artificial intelligence more common, including in HR departments. HR leaders are now looking for the best AI in HR, as a part of their digital leadership, to automate their human resource management system.

If your company is still sticking to traditional paperwork and struggling with the same HR issues as years back, we get it. It can be hard to motivate a company to become more technology-driven. When being used to one way is normal, it can be hard to get used to something new. However, there are many benefits to learn more about artificial intelligence in HR.

4 Reasons You Need Artificial Intelligence in HR

Recruiting Top-Talent 

The hiring process can be long and complex. Multiple people put in their resumes and numerous calls and emails. Not to mention that meeting with everyone can be stressful and time-consuming for human resource professionals. That’s why AI is needed in the hiring process to assist the hiring manager. Overall, managing the recruitment process through human resources management software streamlines the entire process.

Recruiters know that there is different talent out there, especially global talent. It is important to hire more people worldwide to create a new target market for the company. However, international talent acquisition is even more complicated than recruiting talent in the same country. Artificial intelligent recruiting software makes it easier to recruit global talent and let the recruiter focus on more important task than scanning the internet.

What can AI do to help with a new hire?

  • Use keywords to scan through resumes: Depending on what kind of business there is, artificial intelligence can be used to find keywords in the resume to know if the person is right for the company. AI can be used to scan through resumes with specific criteria such as a certain competency, experience, or capability. Having that step will minimize the number of resumes that come through, which allows the human resources professional to look over only relevant resumes.

  • Screening records: AI is not only good for sifting out the good but also sifting out the bad. The screening will be used for any resumes, previous jobs, or anything about the person that could involve criminal records too. If there are certain keywords in the AI system, then it can look through the resumes to find what they need. In that case, if those keywords don’t show up, then those people won’t come across the screen.

There are many more examples of how artificial intelligence in HR can assist the recruitment process and talent management, but with these two examples, it is obvious that it reduces costs and allow businesses to shift the role of human resources from repetitive tasks to HR strategies.

Learning made easy

In a business, managers get busy, and it’s harder to have supervisors try to teach new hires about the job. It is not as efficient, considering different people do the job differently. Having a set system for employee training will make the learning process more consistent. Learning management gets more efficient when using AI.

The best part of artificial intelligence is that it is 24/7, and if an employee is having trouble, the computer can help figure out a solution. If the businesses only relied on human resources, then employees won’t get the answer to their questions as quickly. Having artificial intelligence in HR training will lead to an improvement in employee engagement and employee performance.

Artificial intelligence may also make employees feel more comfortable and secure in their jobs since it won’t be as easy to have an error. If there is any repetition in the job, then the AI software can take care of those jobs people don’t need to work on. It makes the employees happy, and the system is faster than anything else. 

This software can help reach business goals faster and put businesses at a competitive advantage. More employees will be able to work on the more complex and important tasks, instead of focusing on the repetitive, boring tasks.


Communication is critical when working in a business, for a business, or with a business. There are different ways it is essential to communicate and how to communicate in the workplace. In the human resources department, communication doesn’t have to be about just business but focuses on employee relations in the workplace to create a more robust work environment. 

Why is it important to communicate in a business?

  • Time and attendance: Having employees get to work on time and show up is vital to a successful business. The company must ensure healthy employees and associate relationships to achieve this goal. Making these healthy relationships will motivate employees to come to work and feel comfortable. 
  • Feeling comfortable in the workplace: Employees should feel comfortable talking to higher-ups or associates. Being able to ask questions and feel confident in the work environment is needed. When the employees don’t feel comfortable enough to speak up, it can lead to errors, quitting, and a sour look on the company.
  • Minimizing harassment: Harassment can happen in the workplace to anyone. Having a way to communicate this harassment will provide comfort to employees. This would include having something where people can anonymously put in a note to any hire-ups and explain what has happened.
  • Motivate the team: Employees want to feel a sense of accomplishment when working for a company. Having employees share positive work habits that they have done for the company and rewarding that behavior will increase employee development and performance.

What ways are best to communicate using AI?

  • Translator: When working with people who don’t speak the same language, it may be much harder to communicate with them. Hiring globally is a great way to reach a different target audience than you are used to, so having a translator used online is perfect and efficient for the job. When an email comes in, software that automatically changes the language will help eliminate language barriers and will save time and resources.
  • Writing: Writing proposals, emails, or letters are an integral part of the job. Artificial intelligence can help you write and sound more professional for any outsiders looking in and create a more professional look. 
  • Digital Personal Assistants: Using a virtual assistant can help both employees and customers. It can help employees with 24/7 help when they have a problem with technology or need to find something for what they are working on. It is also suitable for customers, especially for the company’s website, in case they need help finding something on the website or have any frequent questions. Artificial intelligent chatbots are available any time during the day and can help answer customers’ questions.

Working at home

Work-life has developed and having to work at home will be inevitable for employees. After the world shut down because of COVID, working at home became more acceptable, and people found more ways to communicate using AI software. Especially if you have global talent who can’t move to the office, having HR solutions to make them a part of the business will give you a significant advantage.

Having a life outside of work will be different for every employee. Someone could have kids, medical problems, or family issues. Knowing that these are people and that they have lived is essential for a healthy work environment. Having HR software you can use for meetings or just working, in general, will give you a significant advantage. People can still work when not in the office, increasing productivity and ensuring that other employees don’t have to do other people’s work. 

In order to make the jobs easier for employees and managers, employee phones, computers, and anything else that uses software should already have artificial intelligence implemented in the HR systems. After being implemented, AI software can track what is being done on the devices and how long the devices are being used. Using AI makes HR responsibilities easier to delegate to the HR department.

Artificial Intelligence in HR Software to Make It All Happen

The time of artificial intelligence in HR is already here. There are numerous HR functions with AI on the market to choose between. As mentioned in this article, different HR software can be used for different scenarios, such as talent management software, tracking software, communication software, and many more.

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