What tool to manage working time ?

For some time now, companies have had to cope with a tense economic environment and stand out from their competitors in an increasingly saturated market. In order to remain competitive, optimizing resources and lowering costs have become a priority for companies and it is because of this that time is a main concern. Time management is a non-renewable and valuable resource and therefore one of the main tasks of your company’s HR department. In fact, for HR to be organized regarding the tasks in progress and the remaining tasks, time must be managed, controlled and considered from A to Z for each project and each employee.

Do you want better visibility of the management of your employees’ working time? Is evaluating their productivity as well as their performance on each project important to you? Don’t hesitate to automate your HR processes to simplify your life as this will allow you to focus on other tasks that are more strategic for your business.

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

PeopleSpheres is an HR software for companies of all sizes. PeopleSpheres offers a time management module to help you to manage better the planning of your employees and the activities of your company. This HR tool will help you to tackle these complex issues in a simple way and to effectively manage your business. PeopleSpheres has several features that help you to manage time and activities:

– Consult schedules, activities, planning, overtime, rest time

– Record the arrival and departure times of your employees

– Get the manager to validate working hours

– Respect the regulatory constraints related to labor inspection

PeopleSpheres offers you many other features such as payroll management, expense reports etc. From leave management to planning management, your time management is increasingly optimized.


Secure, reliable, powerful: adopt PeopleSpheres!