What tool to manage time ?

Managing working time is a very important task and consists of organizing employees’ days in an optimal way to boost productivity. To achieve this, clearly defining their objectives, effectively managing planning and knowing how to use easily available tools is essential. Effectively managing working time results in an improvement in employees’ concentration and a decrease in stress. That is why time management is so important: it increases productivity, efficiency and the quality of work. On the other hand, poor time management can have disastrous consequences.

It is up to the company to organize the time of each of its employees according to everyone’s constraints, whether professional or otherwise. Therefore, it is important to put in place viable and effective solutions for proper time management. PeopleSpheres offers you the possibility to control and manage your company’s time in a single module. This module enables you to consult the working hours of your employees quickly and easily, as well as the time spent on each project. The evaluation of the results of projects and the progress and performance of your employees is also possible.

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

PeopleSpheres is an HR SaaS software. It is aimed at companies of all sizes and offers a Time Management module. PeopleSpheres will save and optimize your time. This lets you focus on other tasks and activities that are more important than time management.

Here are some examples of the module’s features:

– Pre-invoicing by project, client and period

– Defining a planning for each employee

– Entering the arrival and departure times of each employee

– Automatically notifying the team manager of timesheets by e-mail


Adopting PeopleSpheres will simplify your life. Start now!