What tool for performance management?

Performance management is often a complex task as it involves many areas of management: gathering the opinions of your employees, managing performance, managing interviews, evaluating employees upon completion of projects… The real problem is that it is complicated to find a software solution that meets all these needs at the same time. Moreover, interviews are mandatory and their management requires time and a very precise organization, with respect to the company strategy and its values.

PeopleSpheres is the solution for you. It is an HR software that simplifies your repetitive tasks by automating them and saves you time for larger and more time-consuming tasks such as recruitment and talent management. PeopleSpheres offers you a complete solution that relieves you of tedious administrative tasks. Improving your employees’ performance and setting clear and easy goals will be easier with the recruitment management module.

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

PeopleSpheres is an HR software designed to simplify and manage HR administrative procedures more efficiently. Our HRIS adapts to businesses of all sizes for all needs. The platform ensures more efficient human resources management, facilitates administrative tasks, and involves employees in HR management processes within the company. Many optional modules can be added, such as the performance management module, which enables you to effectively manage all types of interviews (professional, annual, etc.), collective or individual objectives within your company, and management dashboards. These tools allow you to monitor the development of your employees and react quickly and efficiently when needed. Managing performance with PeopleSpheres is no more complicated than that!

Manage performance easily with PeopleSpheres!