What software for the management of objectives ?

Managing corporate objectives depends above all on the good organization of the multiple missions and on a thorough reflection of the various objectives to be fixed for company employees. Having a clear and global vision of the company’s objectives is important for defining the objectives of each employee.

A convenient solution to this is to use specialized HR software to manage objectives. A performance management solution will ensure good communication within your company since each of the managers will have a view of the tasks of the employees in their teams. Employees will align more effectively with your company’s objectives. Managing performance makes it possible to challenge and motivate teams to increase their skills, and it helps your employees to adapt to the company’s strategy.

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

PeopleSpheres is an HR services platform that offers a performance management module. Developing the performance of your employees quickly and optimally, developing visible operational objectives, and analyzing all objectives using dashboards, are the main features of our performance management module.

PeopleSpheres’ HR software with a core HR enables you to achieve better performance management. Thanks to its skills assessment tools, you can assess individual employee performance as well as team cohesion and productivity.


Accurately define and follow your employees’ goals throughout the year with PeopleSpheres!