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Human Resources Managers encounter problems on a daily basis, both in their relationship with employees and in the human resources’ strategic place in the company. Over time, human resources managers have become essential for the operation of the company. They play a vital role in the company’s strategy, but are unfortunately often neglected by general management. Find out what problems HR managers face on a daily basis.

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HR managers face problems every day regarding their role within their company. Human resources managers complain regularly about a lack of recognition from general management. In many companies, they are not invited to management committee meetings or when they are, they are rarely asked for their opinions.

One of the main problems for human resources managers is being able to combine the needs of employees with the economic and social realities of the company. The role of a human tesources manager is often reduced to only performing administrative tasks such as payroll management, recruitment, managing paid leave, etc.

But acting in this way is not a good strategy for the company. It should not be forgotten that human resources leaders are key leaders in their company and the problems they face are just as important as other leaders in the company. They have a global vision of the company’s human resources and also manage the most important asset which is human capital. In short, human resources leaders bring real added value to a company.

The Strategic Role of a Human Resource Manager

The main mission of a human resources manager is to preserve and develop the company’s resources. They must also guarantee the safety and career management of all employees. Moreover, employees are the lifeblood of a company.  HR managers have a real capacity to anticipate the future, analyze the past, and impose changes while caring about the daily lives of their employees. The problems faced by human resources managers can therefore be a real challenge.

Human resources managers must be able to give their opinion on the strategic orientations of the company. Their opinion must be taken into consideration in the same way as other managers since their actions can also significantly impact the entire company.