HRIS software that facilitates team monitoring and boosts performance

Manage your team more easily and focus on your activity

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Concentrate on your business

Simplify your daily life and reduce the administrative management of your teams to focus on your business and the performance of your employees. Do not waste time passing on information about your team to the HR department: the HRIS software does it for you automatically.

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Improve your performance and make the best decisions

Have the necessary tools to track the performance of your employees and make the best decisions for your team. You can track them regularly and centralize feedback on the software to facilitate performance appraisals.

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Value and retain members of your team

Encourage top performers to evolve, and reward the quality of their work to increase loyalty and boost performance. Benefit from HRIS software that promotes the development of skills and a contemporary and efficient workspace.

HRIS software that reduces and facilitates your administrative tasks

Save time on the administrative management of your team with tools that simplify company processes and its overall organization. No need to monitor your employees’ attendance thanks to functions that allow them to notify you of their arrival on their cell phone or computer. Validate leave requests, expenses and more in one click in the platform, and have an automatic vacation scheduler to make workforce planning easier. All this information is automatically sent to the HR department, leaving you to focus on your team.

An effective employee tracking tool

Improve the human factor with the PeopleSpheres solution by multiplying the exchanges with your employees to facilitate their evaluation and goal setting. Track the achievement of goals and the distribution of your resources in real-time with powerful planning tools and dashboards. Meet your employees more regularly to readjust their objectives in a few clicks if necessary, refocus the work of each employee, and easily make necessary decisions. PeopleSpheres facilitates performance appraisals thanks to a fully documented exchange history.

A tool that promotes performance and talent retention

With PeopleSpheres, your team members can benefit from a better work environment that lets them develop, train, and enhance their skills. Employee evaluation is made easier to enable you to identify and reward the best performers, while taking into account compensation within your team. Monitor the progress of each employee to assign training if necessary and thus boost the development of skills and retain your best talents.

You want to facilitate the management of your team?

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