One-stop access for all your requests and HR information

Manage your personal file and career with complete transparency

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Autonomously manage all your HR data

Benefit from a personal space centralizing all your information and be free to update it at any time from the mobile application or computer. Make all your special requests directly on the platform through a chatbot and simplified forms.

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Play an active role in shaping your career

Have all the tools to assess your current position and advance your career: have a clear view of your compensation structure, track progress towards your goals, and consult the training catalog and the history of your interviews whenever you want.

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Contribute to the company culture

From the HRIS software, get easy-to-use tools directly available in your personal space to express your opinion on different topics. Share your ideas in a suggestion box to improve the quality of working life in your company, and make your workspace a factor of well-being.

HRIS software that simplifies your work and offers a unique collaborative experience

Do you spend a lot of time updating your personal information or requesting documents from your employer? PeopleSpheres automates all of these administrative tasks: access your personal space with a unique password, store your documents and request time-off, pay stubs and pay raises, etc. No need to go to the HR department when you need something, you can contact them directly through instant message and submit your requests via standardized forms.

HRIS software that enhances your work and manages your career

Be proactive in your professional development with a tool that provides you with all the elements necessary to understand HR policies, aspire to new career opportunities, and be acknowledged for your work. Along with HR and the manager, view your skills and follow your performance appraisals to determine together your compensation and goals that will help to evolve your career. You can also develop your skills through training made available by your HR department in the self-service catalog.

HRIS software that gives you a voice and improves communication

Every day, employees can view the latest company news from your personal space and the HR portal, find out who the new arrivals are and those who have left the company. Have a company directory to find your colleagues and contact. You can respond to surveys on specific subjects or give your opinion or submit ideas from your personal space to contribute to a better overall organization of company life and build together a caring work environment and good social relations at work.

The employee experience is placed at the center of our HR platform. Intuitive, collaborative, and modern, our HR solution is more than just a simple HR tool. It is a real social platform that facilitates exchanges and improves the quality of life at work.

Software dedicated to your career development

In a few clicks, access the information you want (evaluations, training plan, professional interviews, salary expectation, working time, skills, careers, etc.) without going through the HR department and become the real player when it comes to your professional career. HR software connected to the HR platform covers all the transactions of your professional life: training management, interview management, objective management, etc. You can control everything from your employee portal.

Autonomy for the employee

Save time by accessing all your HR data in a few clicks (employment contract, payslips, expense reports, working time, planning, etc.) and take control of your own HR processes and ongoing procedures for maximum autonomy. No need to go to the HR department for specific requests, you can chat directly with your HR via instant messaging and make your requests using standardized forms. Each employee has direct access to all the management solutions offered by our HR platform (payroll management, time management, leave and absence management, planning management, etc.) and can independently manage all of their administrative tasks.

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