A secure and 100% open HRIS solution

Opt for innovative HRIS software that easily integrates into your information systems.

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Ensure the utmost security and confidentiality of your HR data

Benefit from ultra-secure HRIS software that complies with data privacy regulations and prevents failures through regular testing. Accessible via SSO (single-sign-on), PeopleSpheres adds an additional security layer to make data accessible only from your internal network.

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Connect all your software to unify your information system

Integrate API-based, 100% open HRIS software to which you can connect all your existing software to unify your software environment for ease of management. Your data is connected by ETL which allows you to customize it.

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Choose software that automates much more than HR management

Benefit from a multi-purpose solution that meets many of your needs. Unlike traditional HRIS software, PeopleSpheres is a flexible tool that can be used in a variety of ways to reduce your costs such as a CRM for your customer management, a project management software, etc.

HRIS software that makes the security of your data a priority

With hourly and weekly backups on highly secure servers based in Paris and Dublin, PeopleSpheres protects your data from any breach or failure. Various tests such as penetration and robustness tests are performed regularly to ensure your security. As an IT manager, you have the onerous task of ensuring that the data circulating in the company is not accessible to everyone. PeopleSpheres helps you thanks to an easy and relevant profile, role and access management tool.

Fully open HRIS software that harmonizes your information system

Are you wondering how to avoid multiplying user accounts, or how to connect PeopleSpheres to your existing tools? PeopleSpheres attaches all your software through a native API to connect and communicate all your data. With SSO (Single-Sign-On), you can securely connect to all your tools with a single password to improve the user experience and boost productivity.

More than an HRIS: a flexible and multi-purpose software

Not only can you carry out your HR and administrative tasks with PeopleSpheres, it is also a software designed to address various needs to ensure the profitability of your investment. Completely customizable, it can help manage your customer relationship management (CRM), list your suppliers, manage your projects, create a corporate social network… and thus meet various needs from different departments. Take advantage of the features of PeopleSpheres as you please and reduce your costs with an all-in-one tool.

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