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loan of employees between companies

With the emergence of the gig economy, many companies are considering the advantages that a loan of employees between companies brings and a good number have already used it. This loan of employees is becoming more and more popular because it makes it possible to overcome the difficulties of unemployment or recruitment, in particular by borrowing employees from other companies or by making their own employees available to others.

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Although some people are cautious of this practice since company confidentiality may be threatened, many companies welcome the loan of employees. It is considered as “economically beneficial” as the loan of employees provides access to many resources and skills, while avoiding unemployment, crisis situations or the creation of short contracts.

Why Loan Employees?

The exchange, borrowing or loan of employees can save time and money and be the answer to many problems that companies are currently facing: the need for employees for a short duration, the need for specific skills, a temporary decrease in activity, recruitment difficulties, a high risk of dismissal… reasons that reflect the reality of today’s businesses and prove that the loan of employees between companies is a good, modern solution. 

Thanks to this new practice of loaning employees, companies are looking to go even further in grouping services between companies by pooling their resources and accessing new benefits. The optimization of human resources processes and access to shared purchasing centers are some concrete examples. In the era of Airbnb and other collaborative services, the loan of employees seems to be gaining more and more importance in the business world. This concept is redefining how we think about recruiting and employment. This can be a good solution if you are unaware of the new innovations companies are using or how you can better your business. 

This can be as well even more beneficial for the company as there are many techniques that other companies are working with. With technology, there is now a need for sharing of ideas. There has to be a mindset of instead of seeing companies as competitors, to see them as a potential company to collaborate with. There has been instances where this would have helped with efficiency as well with communication. Platforms such as PeopleSpheres can also help with the communication as the software integrates all systems into one platform. This can also be a good upgrade that be easily implemented. 

Where Does HR Fit into the Loan of Employees?

Although there are still some doubts in the minds of human resources specialists, especially about the feasibility of such a process in a highly competitive environment, human resources professionals tend to see this concept of loaning employees as positive. They emphasize the advantages and flexibility that the loan of employees can generate, or the possibilities of business development that it allows.This will help with the specific tasks without having to hire another person and with the possibility of learning new techniques such as how the other company deals with organization. Do they use a specific platform to organize every software?