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Talent Harmony

Consulting Digital Transformation
Build your HRIS with the experts!

Why buy Talent Harmony via PeopleSpheres?

✓ A single point of contact for your tools and services (implementation, account manager, support, etc.)
✓ A single contract and invoice for all your tools and services
✓ Service price identical to the price offered directly by the service provider

The service

Talent Harmony, experts in HRIS transformation, excel in the integration of the Cornerstone solution. Specializing in HR process consulting, Cornerstone module implementation, security role architecture, and employee experience (Skills, AI, Welcome page…), they also provide change management for medium and large-sized companies, while putting forward an effective digital strategy to strengthen your employer brand on various platforms.

Their approach focuses on two main areas: best-practice consulting on HR processes and implementation of the Cornerstone on Demand solution. They deploy several modules: Core HR, Recruitment, Performance and Competency Management, Succession, Compensation, Skills & Artificial Intelligence, and are also involved in optimizing the architecture of the Cornerstone solution to guarantee its sustainability during large-scale deployments (multi-country or multi-region…).

What you get when you buy Talent Harmony through PeopleSpheres

By integrating Talent Harmony via PeopleSpheres, you are laying the foundations for an optimal HRIS. The PeopleSpheres foundation enables you to implement all Cornerstone solutions and interconnect them with complementary software such as onboarding or interview management solutions.

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Their process

For project management, Talent Harmony adopts the Agile method, progressing by successive iterations, and for Cornerstone implementation, the REALIZE method, advised by Cornerstone. This approach has proved its worth for rapid solution deployment, while integrating a robust strategy.

The company

As Cornerstone’s preferred partner, Talent Harmony can help you optimize your business-related HR processes. They support you in your HRIS transformation phase, using their business and Cornerstone expertise, while focusing on developing your brand awareness through effective digital communication and relevant management.