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Advisory Audit Change Management Consulting Digital Transformation Recruitment Consulting
HR consulting for strategic transformation programs and HRIS solutions integration.

Why get HRMS Consulting through PeopleSpheres?

A single point of contact for your tools and services (implementation, account manager, support, etc.) 
A single contract and invoice for all your tools and services 
Service price identical to the price offered directly by the service provider 


With over 25 years of experience serving HR departments, more than a hundred expert consultants in the HR and HRIS fields, and no fewer than 300 projects dedicated to strategic transformation, HRMS Consulting via PeopleSpheres offers you concrete, agile solutions tailored to your needs.

By choosing HRMS Consulting via PeopleSpheres, you are opting for a strategic consulting offer and benefit from expert consultants in HR management, including talent management and change management.

HRMS Consulting’s  services:

  • Strategic HR consulting for management
  • Talent management (careers, corporate culture, compensation, etc.)
  • Change management (change management, corporate management, CSR, etc.)
  • Personnel management (payroll, social dialogue, compensation policy, conflict management, quality of life at work, etc.)
  • HR audit
  • Process optimization
  • Project management
  • Selection assistance: Talent, Time Management (management, guidance, etc.)
  • Support for digital transformation (information systems, management solutions, etc.)

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What you get when you buy HRMS Consulting through PeopleSpheres:

HR practices focused on improving HR governance

HR practices focused on improving HR governance represent a major asset for companies and departments seeking to optimize their human resources management. By adopting strategic and transparent processes, HR professionals can ensure informed decision-making aligned with their organizational objectives. Strong governance helps to clearly define responsibilities, ensure compliance with legal standards, and promote consistency in talent management and HR processes. HRMS Consulting helps build employee confidence in HR processes, fostering a positive working environment.

An audit/roadmap for modernizing HR systems

The use of audits and roadmaps in the HR context offers the opportunity to modernize HR and HRIS governance and systems. By carrying out an in-depth audit with HRMS Consulting through PeopleSpheres, companies and management can identify gaps, inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement in their HR practices and processes. The roadmap enables strategic planning of modernization steps, integrating the latest technologies and best practices in the HR sector. HRMS Consulting can help you achieve more agile governance and optimal use of HR systems, contributing to more effective personnel management and adaptation to changes in the world of work.

Help in choosing and installing the right solution

Helping you choose and install the right solution is an essential pillar of effective HR process practices. By providing you with in-depth expertise, HRMS Consulting’s consultants enable HR and management professionals to assess the organization’s specific needs and recommend the most appropriate solution. This customized approach ensures a smooth transition to more advanced HR systems and processes, while minimizing any operational disruption that may be encountered. The successful installation of the right solution by HRMS Consulting helps to increase the efficiency of HR processes, thereby strengthening the organization’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives.

Project management assistance for successful implementation

Project management assistance plays a key role in the successful implementation of new HR solutions for management and their projects. Project management professionals act as facilitators between HR teams and solution providers, ensuring transparent communication and mutual understanding of HR management needs. Thanks to their expertise, HRMS Consulting ensures that implementation proceeds according to the company’s specific requirements, minimizing risks and ensuring rapid adoption by users. HRMS Consulting guarantees well-orchestrated project management for a smooth transition to new HR and HRIS systems, maximizing the benefits for the organization.

Change and talent management for continuous adaptation

Change and talent management is another key strength of performance-driven HR practices. By anticipating resistance to change and implementing support strategies, HRMS Consulting can help you make a successful transition to improved HR processes and systems. In addition, proactive talent management ensures that the skills required for the new governance and systems are present within the organization. HRMS Consulting enables the company to remain agile and adaptable, ready to meet future challenges while maximizing the potential of its people.

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The commitment of HRMS Consulting’s consultants lies at the heart of strategic corporate change, providing essential support to human resources departments. HRMS Consulting positions itself as a privileged partner, guiding these entities through their strategic transformation projects with an approach focused on the integration of HRIS solutions.

HRMS Consulting’s strength lies in its agile expertise, drawn from many years of experience and nurtured by major partnerships such as PeopleSpheres. HRMS Consulting helps companies successfully navigate the complex HR ecosystem and achieve their organizational objectives and projects.

Thanks to their in-depth understanding of the challenges specific to each company and its management, HRMS Consulting’s consultants are able to customize solutions, ensuring a perfect match with customers’ unique needs and their digital transformation. Working closely with PeopleSpheres, HRMS Consulting contributes to the positive and, above all, sustainable evolution of professional practices within organizations.


HRMS Consulting’s consultants also offer auditing and roadmapping services, enabling the strategic modernization of HR governance and systems in an agile way, ensuring adaptability to changes in the world of work and management. Support in selecting and installing appropriate solutions ensures a smooth transition to more advanced HR systems. HRMS Consulting’s Project Management Assistance (PMA) facilitates successful implementation by acting as an intermediary between HR teams and solution providers. Finally, change and talent management ensures continuous adaptation by anticipating resistance to change and developing the necessary skills, thus ensuring organizational agility in the face of future challenges.

The consultants at HRMS Consulting are called upon to carry out in-depth audits of operational departments, with a particular focus on agile project management in the context of HRIS, in order to optimize processes and provide effective support as project management consultants.