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Construisez votre stratégie d'entreprise entourés d'experts

Pourquoi acheter le service Amaris Consulting via PeopleSpheres?

✓ Un unique point de contact pour vos outils et services (implémentation, account manager, support, etc.)
✓ Un contrat et une facture uniques pour tous vos outils et services
✓ Prix du service identique au prix proposé directement par le prestataire

The service

As a specialized consulting firm, Amaris Consulting is positioned as a leader in the management consulting and information systems engineering sector. With solid strategic expertise covering auditing, functional & technical HRIS analysis, and change management, they offer high value-added solutions across all HR sub-domains, including: Recruitment, Onboarding, and Talent Management. They also offer optimization consulting services for HR or HRIS departments, covering everything from assistance with selection, configuration and integration. With Amaris, you benefit from a 360° vision of your HR activity, boosted by innovative, digital solutions.

What you get when you buy Amaris through PeopleSpheres

By choosing Amaris through PeopleSpheres, you benefit from working with our experienced consultants to meet your HR challenges. This expertise, coupled with an operational approach, enables the integration of innovative software such as recruitment, interviewing and onboarding solutions, strengthening your company’s competitiveness.

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The methodology

Adopting an agile methodology, their project managers and senior consultants, with strong sector-specific experience, engage in a co-construction approach, offering customer teams tailor-made solutions, adapted to the strategic challenges of their business.

The company

Amaris Consulting, a recognized strategy consulting company, has set itself the mission of assisting entrepreneurs and major corporations in their digital transformation. With an approach focused on research and development, Amaris offers technological HR solutions, embodied by skills centers such as Amaris ACT, dedicated to “HR Techs” and digitalization.