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The service

As a specialized consulting firm, Amaris Consulting positions itself as a leader in the management consulting and information systems engineering sector. Leveraging a strong strategic expertise covering audit, functional & technical analysis in HRIS, and change management, they provide high-value solutions across various HR sub-domains, including Recruitment, Onboarding, and Talent Management. They also offer optimization consulting missions for HR or HRIS departments, spanning everything from assistance in selection to configuration and integration. With Amaris, you benefit from a 360° view of your HR activities, powered by innovative and digital solutions.

What you get when you buy Amaris through PeopleSpheres

A holistic digital expertise focused on continuous improvement

Amaris Consulting distinguishes itself through its commitment to comprehensive digital HR expertise, geared towards the continuous improvement of HR governance. By working closely with HR teams, Amaris Consulting offers integrated solutions to optimize processes, ensure compliance, and support agile and scalable human resource management.

Amaris Consulting’s global presence and their ability to react swiftly enable businesses to benefit from both local and remote assistance, ensuring a holistic approach to their needs.

Audit and roadmap for modern HR digital transformation:

Amaris Consulting assists companies in navigating the competitive landscape by translating their business strategies into digital roadmaps.

The approach of Amaris Consulting begins with a thorough audit of existing HR systems, followed by the development of a personalized roadmap for modernizing these systems. This includes specific recommendations for adopting innovative technologies, automating administrative tasks, and integrating digital solutions aimed at maximizing the operational efficiency of HR departments.

The company’s strong experience in defining architectures and governance ensures the success and performance of digital transformations, allowing businesses to remain competitive.

Assistance in selecting and implementing tailored HR solutions

When it comes to selecting HR solutions, Amaris Consulting supports companies in choosing technologies that fit their specific needs. The company provides expert support to evaluate, select, and implement effective HR solutions, taking into account particular requirements related to recruitment, onboarding, time management, and other key aspects of human resources.

In the face of a complex economic environment, Amaris Consulting helps organizations transition from a traditional operational model to an agile one, thus fostering the ability to adapt quickly to changes and seize new opportunities.

Project management support for successful implementation

Amaris Consulting offers project management support, with dedicated assistance to guide HR teams through all stages of implementation, ensuring that new technologies are seamlessly integrated into the daily operations of HR.

Amaris Consulting also leads in AI: the company offers comprehensive services related to the development of AI-based products and solutions. Their goal is to help organizations fully leverage data by designing, implementing, and integrating AI into their business environment. With its forward-thinking vision, the company is at the forefront of the Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) era.

Change management and data governance for continuous adaptation

Amaris Consulting provides expertise in change management, ensuring continuous adaptation to organizational changes and thus fostering dynamic human resource management.

The company helps organizations anticipate and manage structural changes while developing the necessary skills within HR teams. Its approach promotes continuous adaptation to changes in the labor market while ensuring that talent is aligned with the strategic objectives of the company.

Amaris Consulting emphasizes the value and significance of data through their data governance services. Consultants help organizations develop efficient and compliant processes for managing data across the entire enterprise. This ensures optimal use of data while adhering to current policies, procedures, and regulations.

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The methodology

Adopting an agile methodology, their project managers and senior consultants, with strong sector-specific experience, engage in a co-construction approach, offering customer teams tailor-made solutions, adapted to the strategic challenges of their business.

The project managers and consultants at Amaris Consulting adopt an iterative methodology that enables client teams to concretely envision and thus adopt an essential co-construction mode in these domains.

The company

Amaris Consulting, a recognized strategy consulting company, has set itself the mission of assisting entrepreneurs and major corporations in their digital transformation. With an approach focused on research and development, Amaris offers technological HR solutions, embodied by skills centers such as Amaris ACT, dedicated to “HR Techs” and digitalization.