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✓ A single point of contact for all our partners (implementation, account manager, support center, etc.)
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Orange Consulting is the service that specializes in supporting the digital transition. With nearly 200 employees, they work on digital acceleration, customer experience, IT transformation and network & data intelligence. It is thanks to the operational diversity of the group that Orange Consulting demonstrates innovation in order to co-construct a project customized to their clients.

Orange Consulting is your partner of choice for the strategic transformation of your human resources management. Their HRIS consulting service is recognized for its personalized approach and its ability to adapt to various business structures. Their main objective is to improve the efficiency of your HR function, optimize your processes and integrate the best technological solutions on the market. Thanks to their expertise and global vision, Orange Consulting supports you in identifying your specific issues and guides you through each stage, from strategic advice to operational implementation. Their support translates into real added value for your company, saving time and giving you better control of your HR tools. By choosing Orange Consulting, you are choosing expertise, quality support and a long-term vision for your human resources management.

Opting for Orange Consulting via PeopleSpheres means choosing excellence in harmony. PeopleSpheres, a leading human resource management platform, associates its name with only the most qualified and trusted partners. This association therefore guarantees access to highly qualified expertise in HRIS consulting. But the experience doesn’t stop there. By integrating Orange Consulting through PeopleSpheres, you amplify the potential for personalization and efficiency of your HR system. Indeed, PeopleSpheres allows seamless interconnection with other tools and services, thus creating a solution truly adapted and unique to your organization. In short, by choosing Orange Consulting via PeopleSpheres, you combine cutting-edge HR consulting expertise with the power of an integrated HR platform, offering you a robust, flexible solution that is completely tailored to your needs.

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Focused on HRIS consulting, Orange Consulting offers you an exhaustive perspective with a tailor-made program to support you in the challenges of digitalization. This 5-step plan includes defining the project, writing the specifications, assistance in choosing the solution, project management assistance and change management support. This approach is based on a well-defined methodology, put in place to guarantee a successful transition to a new HR information system.

Orange business consulting methodology

1. Define the Project Scope

In the first step of this process, the main objective is to deeply understand the HR and IT needs of your company’s users. Orange Consulting mobilizes its expertise to precisely identify these requirements, in order to offer adapted and personalized solutions.

Then, the Orange team maps the HR processes that will be impacted by the implementation of the new system to define possible development scenarios and carry out an impact analysis.

As part of this analysis, Orange Consulting also drafts a target feature matrix, which describe the capabilities that the new system must have to meet the identified needs. At the same time, an application mapping is carried out to provide an overview of the company’s IT architecture and enable the identification of the necessary interfaces between the new HR system and other existing applications.

Finally, a benchmark of prioritized vendors is carried out. Thanks to their experience and in-depth knowledge of the market, Orange Consulting is able to advise you on the most suitable solutions and direct you to the most relevant suppliers.

2. Write specifications

The second stage of Orange Consulting’s HRIS Consulting solution focuses on the formalizing and integrating business needs. This phase involves working in close collaboration with the HR teams to formalize their business needs and with the Director of Information Systems to integrate all the technical specifications of the project.

In this step, the feature matrix, developed during the first phase, is integrated. The Orange Consulting team also works with the purchasing department to validate all the elements necessary for launching the requisition process. This includes setting up the administrative and regulatory framework, establishing the terms and criteria for evaluating RFPs, as well as defining the project plan.

Finally, drafting the specifications completes this second phase. This document defines in detail the company’s expectations in terms of functionality, performance and compatibility of the future HR system.

3. Solution advisory

The third phase of Orange Consulting’s HRIS consulting solution focuses on vendor evaluation and final selection. As part of this stage, the team participates in presentations and demos by potential vendors, providing a full understanding of the potential benefits and challenges of each solution.

Finally, the team helps choose the final solution. Drawing on their expertise and the comprehensive assessments carried out, they provide informed advice to help the organization make the optimal choice for their HRIS.

4. Project management assistance

The team ensures overall project management, coordinating all stakeholders to ensure smooth and efficient implementation of the solution. This includes determining the deployment strategy, which will define how the solution will be implemented within the organization. Risk management is also an important part of this phase, as the team anticipates and manages potential problems.

5. Accompagner le changement

Finally, the team supports change management within the organization. They help users understand and adopt the new solution, minimizing disruption and ensuring everyone can get the most out of the new HRIS solution.

Orange Consulting defines the change management strategy. This involves the construction of a support plan, which describes the main communication and training actions that are to be implemented. The training plan is then detailed according to the different groups of employees. It identifies the necessary skills, the most appropriate training formats and the objectives of each training session.

Finally, a communications strategy is developed. This includes communications planning, the communication channels to use and the supports needed to ensure effective communication throughout the process.


In short, Orange Consulting’s HRIS consulting solution is a complete, modular and structured offer that supports organizations at each stage of the process of implementing a new HRIS. From identifying initial needs to deployment strategy and risk management, Orange Consulting provides valuable expertise to ensure a smooth transition to new systems and processes.

The company

Orange Consulting, a subsidiary of Orange Business Services, is a major player in the field of digital transformation consulting. By providing valuable expertise in strategy and technology, Orange Consulting supports companies in their transition to more efficient and innovative digital solutions.

Their services cover a wide range of areas, from cloud computing and data analytics to the Internet of Things and cybersecurity. However, they are particularly recognized for their expertise in the field of Human Resources and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).