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Advisory Consulting Digital Transformation Project Management Recruitment Consulting
Surmount your HR challenges surrounded by experts!

Why buy Watts via PeopleSpheres?

✓ A single point of contact for your tools and services (implementation, account manager, support, etc.)
✓ A single contract and invoice for all your tools and services
✓ Service price identical to the price offered directly by the service provider

The service

Watts, a human resources consultancy and strategy advisor, specializes in critical HR issues, positioning itself as a trusted partner for your business. Their diversified expertise encompasses recruitment, internal mobility, pre-boarding/onboarding, skills assessment, employer branding, HR process creation and improvement, digital transformation, HRIS implementation and optimization, HR data management, and operational steering. Backed by a wealth of experience, their aim is to advise company directors, HR directors and managers on how to turn their HR vision into reality.

Their services, designed by a team of expert consultants, are structured into four distinct ranges:

  • Talent acquisition and assessment
  • Optimizing your HR and operational processes
  • Support for your digital transition and organizational agility
  • Identification and analysis of your HR indicators and performance levers.

What you get when you buy Watts through PeopleSpheres

By collaborating with Watts via PeopleSpheres, you benefit from customized solutions, built in synergy with our experts, to meet your organization’s specific HR challenges. Purchasing this service via PeopleSpheres enables you to coordinate this service with HR management software, such as recruitment, interviewing or competency management solutions, thus optimizing customer relations and the user experience.

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The methodology

Integrating your corporate culture and values, Watts aims to guide and support you in preserving the essence and human capital of your company. This approach, backed by change management expertise and senior consulting experience, promotes rapid adoption of solutions within your teams and enhances the employee experience. With 15 years’ experience as HR managers for SMEs, ETIs and major groups, their expertise in project management, HR steering and operational consulting is tailored to multi-site organizations. They are thus equipped to meet your operational and strategic challenges, proposing optimal solutions, in print or digital format, aligned with the company’s global strategy. With the support of their experienced consultants, they design tailor-made solutions that fit in with your organizational identity.

Their approach, combining expertise and innovation, aims to provide the best possible experience for your employees and managers. Working in synergy with your senior management and operational teams, they aim to achieve remarkable levels of performance, contributing to your company’s competitiveness and business development.

The company

Watts, a human resources and business strategy consultancy driven by a passion for HR excellence and with experience in managing transformation projects, is positioned as your partner in meeting the HR challenges of the digital age. They offer diversified services tailored to your needs, working closely together to understand your business from the inside, implementing an aligned digital strategy, while ensuring consistent business development and optimal customer relations.