Revolutionize your HR with an integration platform as a service

Centralize all your own software in one unique platform to simplify your HR management

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Integrate your various HR tools via an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) in order to simplify your HR processes. The integration platform as a service offers a single platform that you can plug your various software applications into and connects data, applications and processes faster than a traditional integration platform. With this solution, you have the flexibility keep the same systems you used as a growing company or switch to others that more closely meet your needs.

Through the integration platform as a service you will increase employee engagement by delivering to your employees a unified and unique experience that will enable them to navigate around the platform and you to obtain all information about your employees and manage their requests with ease.

HR analytics software

Watch your business go from strength to strength

The benefits of our Core HR speak for themselves.

employee-engagement - integration platform as a service

Employee engagement

Watch your employee engagement soar by giving them a good employee experience and making their lives easier.

client-loyalty- integration platform as a service

Brand image

Make your brand shine, attract new employees and retain talent while giving them the best user experience.

client-loyalty- integration platform as a service

Improved communication

Ensure loyalty from your employees with faster and easier communication. Circulate information to everyone in one click.

Integration platform as a service and Core HR are the future of HR

Be at the forefront of the HR revolution

employee-portal - integration platform as a service

Employee portal

Instant access to all information about your employees, including their work history and salary.

reporting - integration platform as a service

Cross platform reporting

Collate data from across the platform and generate a wide range of reports digitally.

notification - integration platform as a service

Notification center

Accept or reject employees’ requests from your profile and send automatic notifications to employees’ profiles.

email - integration platform as a service

Digest e-mail

Reduce e-mail fatigue dramatically and get straight to the point with one single digest e-mail that groups all notifications.

Core HR
Core HR
Core HR

Connecting your software is as easy as 1, 2, 3

How our Core HR can benefit your business

One access to all software

Say goodbye to dozens of passwords: access all your software with one single password, safe in the knowledge that your software is 100% secure.

Synchronized data

Entering the same data again and again into the system will be a thing of the past. With our Core HR, data is synchronized all over the platform so you’ll only enter it once.

Talent retention

Like 71% of HR leaders worldwide, make user experience a part of your global strategy to keep your employees motivated and therefore increase productivity.

PeopleSpheres: The solution that adapts to your organization

The PeopleSpheres solution aligns to your specific needs and adapts to the size of your organization. You have the ability to add and connect as many software and users as you need, and you can change it over time as your needs change. Our HR platform improves the daily professional life of all employees of a company, whether for the human resources function, the IT department, employees, managers or even management. PeopleSpheres responds to the digital transformation of businesses and modernizes all of your personnel administrative management. Our tool does not only optimize HR performance but the entire performance of the company because it saves time for all employees.

With PeopleSpheres, you improve your entire HR management to focus on tasks with higher added value and optimize human capital management. It is a real productivity improvement tool for the human resources department thanks to the automation of HRM across multiple systems.

Creating unmatched employee experiences

At PeopleSpheres, we recognize that the employee experience goes beyond HR functions. Their experiences include every interaction an employee has in their day-to-day job. Effectively, every department as well as the technology that supports its operations are impacting your employees every day. To ensure a smooth and accessible employee experience across the entire organization, you can help to improve your employer brand, reduce employee turnover and attract top talent.

PeopleSpheres is an employee experience platform which connects all your key business software and tools and allows you to automate, communicate and monitor the performance of every business process in one place.

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