What tool to manage onboarding?

Managing the onboarding of new talents is a fundamental task for a Human Resources department. Onboarding employees correctly is necessary for your employees to feel comfortable and therefore be productive more quickly. The first few days are crucial for the onboarding of your new employees. It is important to present the company to them, have them meet their colleagues, get their bearings, make their mark… Creating tailor-made onboarding programs also allows for effective management of the integration of new employees. This helps to lower the turnover rate of employees while increasing productivity and including the new employees directly.

Moreover, good onboarding management is important for remaining more competitive on the market and attracting new talent: it is an integral part of the employer brand. Onboarding new employees is a strategic challenge. How to effectively onboard employees?

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

With our PeopleSpheres HR software, you will simplify and facilitate the onboarding of employees in your company. Our PeopleSpheres software enables onboarding management by implementing virtual internal communities, streamlining processes by dematerializing administrative files, and creating simple and convenient onboarding programs.

With our HR software and onboarding module, you can help your employees to integrate in the company in no time.


Onboarding your employees has never been easier!