What absence management software?

Managing absences is an integral part of human resources management. However, the management of leave and absence varies according to the company and the number of employees. Many companies use Excel tables to record absentee dates and the reasons for them.

Management software can help you to master the management of leave and absence and will help you gain in efficiency and time. You no longer need to worry about rules and legislative constraints: a good absence management software does it for you. Manage leave and absence requests efficiently and make quick decisions so that you and your employees can organize yourselves as quickly as possible.

Your absence management software must be adapted to your management vision and above all be reliable and easy-to-use. It must make leave and absence management a quick and easy task. The bigger your company grows and conquers new markets, the more difficulties you will encounter in managing critical human resources tasks such as leave and absence management, payroll management, and expense management. It is therefore important to have a good human resource management software to deal with these changes.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS, software to manage absences

With PeopleSpheres, manage employee absences faster and more efficiently. Avoid round trips between your office and those of your employees since the procedures are all digitalized: your employees can send you their leave requests via the mobile application. You receive a notification for each request and you can validate or reject it in 2 seconds. Your employee can follow the progression of his leave requests. He also receives an automatic notification by e-mail to inform him of the decision made.

PeopleSpheres also provides you with detailed analyzes of the leave and absences of your employees. Depending on different indicators such as the absenteeism rate or the reason for an absence, you can understand better why your employees are absent. Tackle and anticipate your employees’ absences in order to manage your workforce better during the leave of other employees. Save time and make your life easier.