How to manage onboarding?

When recruiting a new employee, the company must ensure that the person integrates well. Facilitating his onboarding will make him operational faster. Indeed, managing employee onboarding is crucial for a company as it helps to increase productivity, facilitate teamwork and avoid a regular turnover of staff.

Ensuring the employee is comfortable on arrival is essential. For optimal onboarding, it is important to provide a workspace for him, instructions on the assignments that will be allocated to him, and a presentation of the company. The implementation of onboarding is a way to support your employee and make his first days and weeks easier. Managing onboarding well will therefore have a positive effect on the employee when he starts his role.

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

We have an easy and efficient solution for you: our PeopleSpheres HR software which can greatly help you to manage better the onboarding of your employees and satisfy your HR needs. It has been designed for companies of all sizes wishing to improve their HR. Our software provides an onboarding management module and by adopting it, administrative formalities will be simplified and you can optimize the onboarding of new recruits.

You can also facilitate the exchange and monitoring of each employee through an internal community. Lastly, you have the possibility to create onboarding programs with which to accompany your employees.


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