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Lucca (Pagga Payslips)

Electronic Pay Stubs
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Why get Lucca (Pagga Payslips) through PeopleSpheres ?

✓ A single point of contact for all our partners (implementation, account manager, support center, etc.)
✓  Only 1 contract for your entire HR ecosystem
✓  One global invoice
✓ A single interface to access with a single username and password
 Guaranteed integration maintenance
✓ Price is identical to that which is offered directly from the partner; no additional cost

If you already have a contract with Lucca, you can purchase our “Lucca <> PeopleSpheres” connector and integrate Lucca to your other tools through PeopleSpheres.


Pagga Payslips is the payroll management and distribution tool from the HR software publisher Lucca. By using this software, you’ll have the ability to distribute your employees’ payslips without having to manage certain tedious operational tasks. Pagga’s payslip distribution solution is perfect no matter your situation because it adapts to all payroll solutions and allows you to distribute your payslips with just one click.

Thanks to the data integrated into the tool, your payslips are assigned and sent within minutes based on each employee’s name and surname. Employees won’t miss it because they will be notified by email when the payslip is accessible in their personal space. To save time, you can leverage the employee information available in the PeopleSpheres database and quickly fill in the necessary data for payslip allocation.

In terms of data protection, all payslips are securely archived in the cloud. Moreover, you can enhance the security of the platform by including an access code during login.


Main features of Pagga Payslips software

  • Import files from your payroll software or accounting firm
  • Associate and distribute based on name and surname
  • A tool compatible with any payroll software
  • Receive a notification when the payslip is available
  • A dematerialized document compliant with legislation
  • Secure connection via HTTPS
  • Benefit from a URL dedicated to the organization
  • Service accessible 24/7
  • Daily data backups
  • Native REST API
  • SaaS application available on all browsers


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What you get by using Pagga Payslips through PeopleSpheres

Save a lot of time

Pagga Payslips simplifies payslip distribution and frees up time for your HR department and all your employees. By automating repetitive tasks, you increase team satisfaction and productivity.


Meet legal obligations through a simple and cost-effective solution

To distribute your payslips, it’s simple! You only need to integrate files from your payroll software or accounting firm into the solution, then distribute them by pressing the corresponding button. That’s it, there’s nothing else to do with Pagga Payslips. If one of your employees refuses to digitize their payslip, you can still send them a paper copy. In any case, payslips are archived for 50 years.

Since 2017 and Article D3243-7 of the French Labor Code, digitizing employees’ payslips without the need for their explicit consent has become legal. The only parameter to consider is that it is mandatory to inform them of their right to refuse digitization. If you want the possibility to more easily store your important documents while remaining compliant with legislation, use one of the BDESE modules available on the PeopleSpheres platform.


Securely access your payslips 24/7

Rid yourself of requests from your employees regarding the retrieval of their payslips. Pagga Payslips offers all employees intuitive and secure access to their payslips, regardless of location or time. The solution developed by Lucca rigorously complies with security standards and allows for the implementation of a unique login code during download to further increase information protection. Coupled with an electronic safe software available via PeopleSpheres, you also elevate access to your data and system.


Save time and money

It only takes Pagga Payslips 5 minutes to transmit your employees’ payslips from your payroll tool to all email inboxes. You only need to transfer the files created by your software or distributed by your accounting firm in a few clicks. By using Pagga Payslips, you save on printing, envelope, and postage costs. The cost of the solution is also lower than the cost of some electronic safes, so if you only need to protect and archive payslips, Pagga Payslips is sufficient on its own.


Connect with any payroll software

Pagga Payslips is a flexible software; integrating payslips is done regardless of the payroll software you use. By composing your personalized HRIS with PeopleSpheres, you have access to numerous payroll solutions, and the goal is to select the one that best meets your needs. Regardless of your choice, you will then have the ability to use Pagga Payslips seamlessly with this payroll software.

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Lucca has set itself the mission of solving management difficulties within companies. It’s an age-old and colossal problem, but the teams and resources of Lucca are all focused on this goal to ensure that these difficulties become nothing more than history.

For over 20 years, Lucca has automated and simplified the tedious administrative and HR tasks of numerous companies. Despite their repetitiveness, these tasks remain necessary for the smooth operation of an organization.

Today, Lucca is assisting over 6,400 clients, accounting for approximately 1,420,000 users. Borders are not an obstacle for the company, as Lucca operates in 130 countries. Even after 20 years of existence, the company continues its ascent with a projected growth of 35% in 2022.