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Flex Office

Why get the FlexTeam to PeopleSpheres connector ?

If you already have a contract with FlexTeam, you can purchase our FlexTeam-to-PeopleSpheres connector and integrate FlexTeam to your other tools through PeopleSpheres.


Flexteam is a SaaS solution for managing hybrid organizations: telecommuting and flex office. Your employees know when to telecommute or come to the office to better collaborate in the era of remote work.

Flexteam also allows HR to automate the deployment and monitoring of the remote work policies throughout the company by integrating with your usual tools, HRIS and Slack/Teams. On the office side, you simply manage your flex office by controlling the capacity, space allocations and reservations on a 3D plan.

Simple to use, quick to deploy and integrated with your HRIS tools. Save up to 40% in real estate expenses while promoting meetings and social ties.

With Flexteam, combine flexibility for your employees and performance for the company by becoming a leader in the Future of Work revolution !


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FlexTeam was born at Station F, the meeting place of the 3 founders: Simon, Benjamin, Sébastien and Mark Mortensen, teacher-researcher at INSEAD specializing in teleworking specialist for 25 years.

Combining their entrepreneurial experiences and research results in the context of a pandemic and accelerating new ways of working, they have created a solution to support companies in the deployment of their hybrid model. FlexTeam: the “Future of work” starts now.