What tools to manage skills?

Managing the skills of your employees is a crucial task for your company. It allows you to anticipate future hires, create training plans in line with your skills assessments and assign tasks and missions to the appropriate employees.

An effective skills management tool should enable you to evaluate the skills of your future employee as soon as he is hired, and to follow the development of his skills. The purpose of a skills management tool is to both automate all your processes to save you time and to align your employees’ skills with your business strategy. A good skills management tool allows you to easily identify your company’s strengths and therefore the skills that are missing from it.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS, a skills management tool

PeopleSpheres offers an easy-to-use and reliable skills management module to manage the skills of your employees. Anticipate the evolution of the different positions in your company and quickly and easily identify the skills present in your company.

Get a complete picture of the employee skills already present in the company, research training and profiles based on the skills you’re looking for, and take advantage of a clear and easy-to-use skills matrix that will help you to combine skills in an optimal way. Accelerate decision-making and ensure compliance with the laws in force as regards GPEC with PeopleSpheres and our skills management module.