What tool to manage payroll?

Payroll management is one of the most important tasks of the HR department. An employee may be uncomfortable asking for information or details about his wages or pay, which is why it is important to set up a payroll error management system. Payroll can influence the morale of employees, so it is important to win their trust regarding payroll.

Choosing a good payroll management software is therefore important: it will automate payroll processes, check for potential errors and, most importantly, save you time. Payroll is an integral part of the running of a company and must not be neglected. The most important thing is to choose the solution that best suits your structure, activity and the company convention.

HR software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

Payroll is important for both employees and the company. Among a multitude of payroll software, PeopleSpheres offers you effective payroll management and enables you to synchronize all your data. So there is no need to cross-check all information manually as our software does it for you and takes into account leave, absences, working time etc.

Your payroll information is pre-filled in with information already entered into the Core HR.

Set deadlines for delivering pay stubs on time and set up the dematerialization of pay stubs. They will then be stored securely online so your employees can find them when they want.

Save time with our payroll module, and facilitate your administrative management with PeopleSpheres.