What tool to manage expense reports?

An expense management tool can help you to save time and process expense reports more efficiently. You will be able to automate and digitize everything to avoid printing and going back and forth between offices. Expense management is a task that requires concentration, and it is a repetitive task that can sometimes lead to mistakes. It is therefore important to have a good tool for managing expense reports.

If your employees have a business meal or travel by train to a meeting, they will advance the cost, which will need to be reimbursed, because these are counted as professional expenses. It is therefore necessary to react quickly in order to reimburse the employees as soon as possible. Expense management software can be useful as it allows HR to be faster and better organized in the management of HR tasks.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS, a tool for managing expense reports

With PeopleSpheres, you can automate your expense management easily. You no longer need to deal with paper, your employees simply have to take a photo of their receipts with their phone or scan them. They can then send them via the mobile application and save them by type: transport, meals etc. They can also follow the progress of their reimbursements in real time and receive a notification when the reimbursement of the expense report is validated or refused.

Accelerate the processing of your expense reports and manage the budget easily: define the repayment terms: fees, capped costs… And analyze all professional expenses for each employee, project or team. It is also possible to program the reimbursement to your employee’s account on a specific date.

So concentrate on more strategic tasks like talent management, and save time while respecting the law.