What recruitment management software to choose ?

Managing your recruitment management can be difficult in the current economic climate. How to effectively manage the surplus or lack of applications? How to sort through candidates and choose the best profile without spending hours on it? Recruitment professionals sometimes have trouble managing these issues. That is why there are software solutions to optimize recruitment management.

PeopleSpheres offers HR software that addresses this recruitment issue. Thanks to the recruitment management module, managing applications will become child’s play.

With the recruitment module, PeopleSpheres’ HR software lets you:

– Send job offers

– Select the most interesting profiles

– Conduct interviews

– Follow the status of candidates

No need to spend time sorting, searching, or ranking applications: focus on the decision.

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

PeopleSpheres is an HR software that gives you access to a powerful HR tool to manage candidates, recruitment, and the profile search for the position to be filled.

Thanks to its core HR, you will also have the opportunity to access HR tools that optimize your recruitment process. Furthermore, the PeopleSpheres core HR provides access to:

– A secure employee database

– Guides to train your employees in interviews

Lastly, PeopleSpheres enables you to manage recruitment from A to Z on a single platform. Simple to use, our HR software will ensure you optimize your time and effectively control recruitment within your company.

Don’t hesitate, adopt PeopleSpheres!