What planning software ?

Ensuring regular monitoring within the company is necessary in an uncertain economic context and one of the most important tasks to optimize time is planning management. Better time management increases productivity, which reduces costs and increases revenue. The key to staying competitive in the marketplace is therefore to examine planning management, team management and resource management very closely.

Planning means that an employee can be assigned a task in relation to his current workload, availability and skills. This is easy to do if there are not many employees but as the company grows, the organization of planning becomes a very complex task. Indeed, the complexity of the task lies in the fact that it is necessary to follow the availability of all employees in order to allocate resources to projects in an efficient way.

Moreover, constraints beyond your control (e.g. sick leave) can disrupt your organization and waste time. The question is: how to succeed in optimizing resources despite unforeseen events?

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

We have the solution for you: PeopleSpheres HR management software. You can easily manage staff and follow your teams with our PeopleSpheres HR software. It has a planning module that makes it easy to set up the management of teams and resources effectively.

The organization of planning is simplified and you can see the workload of all your employees and allocate tasks accordingly.


Make life easier with our PeopleSpheres’ HR software!