What is skills management?

Knowing and managing the skills of employees makes for a better organization. Identifying skills is an important step and once the skills of your employees have been identified, it will be easier to decide which training is required to guide recruitment based on the skills that are missing in your company.

Accompany your employees in the management of their careers and encourage them to develop new skills. To do this, make development plans that will strengthen relationships in the company. Use skills matrices to better organize your planning and resources, and search for employees and training based on the skills needed in your company.

Manage skills in your company with PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

PeopleSpheres provides you with a skills management module that aims to assess the skills of your employees. Track their progress and align your employees’ skills with your business strategy.

With PeopleSpheres you can make a business plan, conduct employee research and training according to skills, and benefit from a skills matrix and training according to profile. Maximize your company’s potential by filling in its skills gaps. Our efficient and easy-to-use software will also enable you to manage all other human resources tasks.