What is expense management?

Employees often have to make business trips or purchase products or services on behalf of their company. The management of these expenses is one of human resources’ administrative tasks since these expenses are generally reimbursed by the company when the employee presents a receipt.

The invoice permitting the employee to be reimbursed by his company is called an expense report. Your employees must, with each purchase made for the company, advance the cost and then make a reimbursement request to the HR department.

The management of expense reports affects all companies and is often complex: numerous regulations govern expense management and reimbursements cannot be made without an invoice, so these receipts are very important. The management of expense reports is all the more constraining as the tasks relating to it are repetitive and prevent you from focusing on more strategic tasks.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS enables you to manage your expense reports effectively

With PeopleSpheres, you have the option to dematerialize you expense management system. The management of expense reports can be constraining for both employees and HR.
Thanks to PeopleSpheres and the expense management module, employees can register their expenses in 1 minute thanks to the mobile application. They can also transfer these receipts and invoices to the HR department directly via the application. So no need to photocopy and transfer lots of pieces of paper. Everything is digitized and dematerialized! Employees can follow the reimbursement of expense reports.
The procedures are made easier for HR, too: the HR department is alerted as soon as an employee makes a request for reimbursement and can validate these reimbursements in one simple click. Thanks to our expense management module, you save time for your employees and facilitate HR’s job so that everyone spends more time on tasks with higher added value.