How to manage the skills of your employees?

The skills present in your company are a huge added value. Skills allow a company to differentiate itself from the competition and to affirm its position. It is therefore necessary to know how to identify and catalog them in order to establish an effective development plan.

Accompanying your employees helps to establish a healthy and dynamic relationship in your company. Your employees will feel understood and listened to. For this, it may be important to set up performance appraisals to discuss the skills acquired and required by the employee. Together you can set up a training plan or skills development plan. Use a matrix for the appraisal to correctly target the skills required for your employee’s position.

A skills management tool can help you to set up this development strategy and push you to identify the skills present in your company.


Manage the skills of your employees with PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

PeopleSpheres brings together a free HRIS platform and a multitude of modules to select according to your needs. Among these modules, the skills management module allows you to easily identify the skills present in your company. This module will allow you to manage recruitment better since you will know precisely which skills you need. Find employees and skills-based training and have an overview of the company through a skills mapping.

Make a skills inventory and follow closely the qualifications of your employees. Reduce the risk of mistakes when recruiting or assigning tasks. Our skills management module offers you easy-to-use skills matrices to best identify each employee’s skills. PeopleSpheres therefore offers you a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool to manage the skills in your company.