How to manage recruitment ?

Recruiting candidates can often be a very long and tedious process. Many unsuitable applications are received daily and this makes the task even more complex. To manage recruitment effectively, specific management processes and organizational methods must be in place. It is very important to optimize recruitment management in order to have a global view of all candidates.

Having a platform that gathers all dematerialized candidate resumés facilitates the sorting through of resumés. PeopleSpheres HR software has a Recruitment Management module that enables you to gather resumés, manage applications, and refine your recruitment strategy.

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

PeopleSpheres’ HR software includes a module that helps you to manage better the recruitment of future employees. To simplify recruitment management, PeopleSpheres provides an HRIS platform that gives access to a secure HR database and a complete company directory.

Recruiting easily and efficiently allows you to put recruitment at the heart of your HR strategy. Our module gives you the opportunity to use applications to target, attract and recruit candidates who have the required skills and experience for vacant positions.

Create a personalized and organized resumé pool according to your needs, so as to have a global view of all the possibilities available to you.


Recruit with PeopleSpheres: it’s simple and effective!