How to manage planning ?

For many years, managing employee planning has been a real headache. Effective planning management is a necessity for companies and has two advantages: a better follow-up of time schedules and the planning of each employee, and a better understanding of the legal aspect. For this, an equal and prepared distribution of the teams and various available resources is essential.

Planning management is therefore not simply a calendar but a way to optimize the time management of employees and the company. Managing planning goes hand in hand with managing resources and time. So it is important to be organized when it comes to all of these aspects so as not to affect planning management. Moreover, knowledge of the availability and skills of each employee is a second fundamental aspect for good planning management, but this is only possible if the planning management process in place is efficient. Lastly, managing schedules is extremely complex because it involves dealing with last-minute unforeseen circumstances.

How to manage planning? What are the possible solutions to optimize planning management? Which tools to manage schedules in a simple, fast and efficient way?

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

We have the solution for you: PeoplesSpheres’ HR software. It will make your job easier by enabling you to implement personalized processes with which you can optimize your planning management and thus increase the productivity of your teams and company.

Thanks to our core HR and the planning management module, you have a global view of the availability of each employee and access to all team planning which will show you everyone’s workload. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to create activities and assign people and resources, on an ad hoc or regular basis. Our HR software will make your life easier. It is extremely intuitive and it will allow you to manage planning efficiently and thus increase your performance. Finally, better planning management is beneficial to all: teams will be less stressed and more committed and you will have a clear and simple overview of the planning of each of your employees. Our planning software will be a game-changer for your business.


All thanks to a single module, with PeopleSpheres!