How to manage expense reports?

Managing employee reimbursements can quickly become a repetitive and tedious task and it is important to always be attentive to avoid any abuse or mistakes. A good solution to effectively manage expense reports may be to use expense management software. Automate all procedures to accelerate the processing of expense claims and reimbursements. With an expense management software, it is possible to digitize and scan invoices and proofs of purchase to avoid printing them. Employees can take photos of their invoices and send them to HR with one click.

Managing expense reports also means managing your expenses. Set caps per project or per employee to avoid spending too much without frustrating your employees.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS helps improve your expense management

With PeopleSpheres, manage your expense claims efficiently and save time for higher value-added tasks. With our mobile app, your employees can directly record their business expenses and make reimbursement requests. You receive a notification for each reimbursement request made by your employees.

Because it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between professional and personal expenses and to avoid abuse, PeopleSpheres helps you make the right decisions! Set caps to also manage budgets and resources.

Finally, analyze your expenses by project and employee and access dashboards allowing you to see your reimbursements and your requests for expense reports.