How to improve your management of expense reports?

The management of expense reports can be complex for most companies as reimbursement requests require special attention. Each request and receipt provided by an employee must be checked to avoid reimbursing an employee for an expense that is not related to the company. In order to improve the management of expense reports, it may be a good idea to use an HRIS that includes an expense report module. This HRIS will allow you to automatically manage your reimbursements and be faster in this often repetitive administrative task.

An HRIS can also help you to avoid mistakes and comply with legislation.

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS helps improve your expense management

PeopleSpheres offers you a solution to improve your expense management. Our HR software will enable you to involve your employees. They can then request a reimbursement via the mobile application and send their receipts and invoices directly to the HR department.

Obviously, the validation of reimbursements should not be taken lightly. Our expense management module allows you to set caps and control expenses for each employee or project. You can also access the business expense history and export this history to your accounting or payroll software.

With PeopleSpheres, you also have access to numerous personalized reports, the nature of the expenses, on which project your employees spent the most etc. Through its analyzes, you can take measures to reduce these business expenses.