How to improve payroll management?

Payroll management is a necessary task for HR. It can be organized in different ways depending on the company and the number of employees. However, all companies must respect the laws concerning payroll management.

Mistakes do happen but can waste time. Having a good payroll management software can help you to avoid certain errors or correct them quicker:  recalculating pay stubs in case of a mistake or modification, for example.

Good payroll management also means managing your time well. For example, HRIS software can allow you to set up deadline alerts to remind you when a trial period is coming to an end.

HR software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

Managing payroll is a tedious task and requires concentration. PeopleSpheres helps to improve payroll management with several ingenious features that will save you time. Our HR software for SMEs makes efficient, secure and optimal payroll management possible. Our payroll management module enables you to be constantly up-to-date with payroll legislation. If you have a problem and do not comply with the law, we alert you immediately!

PeopleSpheres also offers the dematerialization of pay stubs. You will be able to automate all your payroll management thanks to this digitalization. You no longer need to distribute pay stubs manually: they are sent automatically. The employee receives a notification informing him of the receipt of his pay stub and he can then consult it, as well as all his other pay stubs for the past 5 years.