How to evaluate professional skills?

Assessing the professional skills in your company is essential for effectively managing recruitment and assigning tasks and missions to your employees. First of all, you must identify the skills you have available so that you can then put in place a development strategy and recruit the best performing profiles.

The identification and evaluation of professional skills involves listening to employees. Do they feel comfortable in their job or, on the contrary, do they feel that they lack skills? A performance appraisal can identify the skills acquired and those required by the employee for the company. A good skills management tool can help you to quickly and easily assess the professional skills in your company. The goal is to save time in this necessary step to better manage training and recruitment thereafter.

Evaluate your employees’ professional skills with PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

PeopleSpheres is a simple HR process management platform that offers you a skills management module. Thanks to our module, enjoy an overview of the skills available in your company. The module manages the regulations in force and allows you to closely monitor the qualifications of your employees. Conduct performance appraisals and maintain skills matrices provided by PeopleSpheres in order to always be up-to-date with the skills of all your employees. Find out your strengths and propose appropriate training accordingly.

Optimize your time by managing the skills in your company. Integrate our module into your recruitment processes to minimize errors and limit costs by aligning skills with your business strategy.